Indian Matchmaking Season 3: What To Expect From The Latest Season?

he popular reality show on Netflix, Indian Matchmaking, is embarking on its third season and expanding to London apart from India and America.

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The popular reality show on Netflix, Indian Matchmaking, is embarking on its third season and expanding to London after setting couples couple in India and America. The show revolves around the matchmaking efforts of Sima Taparia, fondly called "Sima Aunty", as she tries to find suitable partners for Indian singles seeking love.

The television and OTT show, Indian Matchmaking, became immensely popular among viewers when its first season aired in 2020 during the extended lockdown period.

The show attracted a large audience, akin to other dating shows on television and OTT platforms. The thing that distinguishes the show is its exclusive emphasis on arranged marriages, a common practice not just in India but also among Indians living abroad. Matchmaker Sima Taparia is the central figure in the series. Her unwavering faith in arranged marriages has contributed to the success she has achieved as a businesswoman.

Here's what viewers can expect from Sima Taparia and Indian Matchmaking in season 3.

Indian Matchmaking 3

Indian Matchmaking's third season comprises eight episodes, each running for approximately half an hour. The series is a reality show that centres around dating, with Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia aiding clients from India, the US, and the UK in finding suitable partners for life.

The third season of the show features the introduction of Priya, a divorced woman from London in her mid-30s who is hoping to find love again.


Fans of the show will see Rushali, a model and actress based in Delhi, who had previously gone on a date with Pradhyuman in Season 1, make an appearance, as well as Bobby, a joyful math teacher from London, who is often relegated to the friend zone.

Additionally, the third season also provides an update on Viral and her match Aashay from the previous season as they move their relationship forward.

Throughout the season, Sima Taparia portrays an unwaveringly positive outlook towards her clients, even in scenarios where they fail to find compatible partners. Taparia extensively emphasises the significance of making compromises in a flourishing marriage, which implies sacrificing certain ideals. According to her, the ideal age for tying the knot is 30, which is an improvement from her earlier perspective of 24.

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