Hannah Gadsby Reveals She Is Married: 10 Things to Know About The Duo

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Hannah Gadsby on her marriage: On Friday, April 30 Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby revealed that she has been married to producer Jenney Shamash, she took to Instagram to share the news.

Who are Hannah Gadsby and her partner Jenney Shamash?

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian, writer along with being an actor and a television presenter. She initially rose to fame as the winner of the Raw Comedy competition for new comedians in 2006, since then she toured internationally and became a recurring presence in television and radio.  The comedy genres Hannah mostly engages with are “playing a role with expressionless face” observational comedy, dark humour, wit, and deadpan which refers to  “playing a role with an expressionless face”.

On the other hand, Jenney Shamash is a producer who worked with Hannah Gadsby on her Netflix special, Hannah Gadsby: Douglas, she isn’t much active on social media and got highlighted with Gadsby’s announcement on their wedding.

10 things we know about the duo

  1. Hannah revealed her marriage to Jenney on Instagram on April 29, where she shared a picture of herself with her partner eating ice cream.
  2. She captioned the image as an introduction to Jenney and called her a producer extraordinaire, “I would like to introduce all y’all to Jenney Shamash,” Gadsby wrote. “She is a producer extraordinaire. She is very funny and is really talented at reciting facts. It is a joy to behold.”
  3. She revealed that they secretly got married in January 2021, and very chuffed about it, Hannah also expressed that she is gushed and full of positive feelings.
  4. Hannah and Jenney worked together on her Netflix comedy special, Hannah Gadsby: Douglas from that when they both know each other.
  5. Various celebrities took to Instagram to congratulate the couple, “Russian Doll” star Natasha Lyonne commented, “Congratulations!!” and “awww I love love congratulations,” fellow comic and “The Circle” host Michelle Buteau wrote.
  6. Hannah Gadsby won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for her comedy performance Nannette.
  7. The couple adopted three pups recently, named Daisy, Jasper and Douglas.
  8. The union between Hannah and Jenney is also a step towards normalisation of same-sex marriages, it was legalised in Australia on December 9, 2017.
  9.  Shamash managed Hannah’s U.S. debut and also worked as a producer in New York and London.
  10. Hannah has also appeared on the Netflix comedy series Please Like Me by Josh Thomas, she plays the role of a rape-survivor battling depression.

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Hannah Gadsby Reveals She Is Married: 10 Things to Know About The Duo
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