Gullak Season 3 Review: Mishra Family's Drama Fills You Up With Nostalgia Yet Again

The Mishras are back with witty anecdotes, intelligent humour and some unprecedented challenges in Gullak Season 3.

Bhavya Saini
Apr 06, 2022 13:02 IST
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Family-drama series Gullak returned with its third season and along with that, it has yet again flooded our hearts with nostalgic memories of leaving our childhood behind and learning the ropes of adulting. The Mishras are back with new challenges to face as the same old bickering around the middle-class household continues. This time, there are many new revelations that help shape the character arcs of each member.

Gullak is back with its witty anecdotes as it witnesses the highs and lows of the Mishra family through the narrative voice of Shivankit Singh Parihar. Geetanjali Kulkarni (Shanti Mishra), Jameel Khan (Santosh Mishra), Vaibhav Raj Gupta(Annu) and Harsh Mayar (Aman) all reprise their roles from the previous seasons. The show has been directed by Palash Vaswani and created by Shreyansh Pandey.

Gullak Season 3 Plot

The new season has a lot more to offer to the audience than what the trailer had suggested. As Annu bags a new job in the medical line worth Rs 17,000, he becomes an important figure in the family, being the second breadwinner. While the family contemplates arranging funds for Aman's admission, the Mishras are stunned at Santosh's suspension from work due to office politics. On the other hand, like always, Shanti attempts to keep the family together while keeping her boys in check like a typical Indian mother. Each character undergoes evolution, both as individuals as well as a part of the household.


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Gullak Season 3 Review: Witty Anecdotes and Unprecedented Struggles

To put it simply, Gullak made my heart fill with happiness, nostalgia and remorse all at once. What worked for me is the day-to-day anecdotes that will be relatable to many viewers. On top of it, the cinematography gives it a very realistic feel.  It's beautiful to watch the family come together in times of distress while they keep arguing over the pettiest of issues throughout the days which only makes one realise that the love and bond they share is unconditional.

The show has aptly presented that with greater money, comes greater responsibility, as in terms of Annu's new job. It reflects on realism while dwelling on the shattered dreams and aspirations to provide for the family, a typical middle-class trait.


While Annu is seen helming the responsibilities upon his shoulders, Aman's dilemma is something that each of us has gone through once in our lives. Apart from that, we learn new and interesting things about Shanti which makes her even more captivating while Santosh's honesty is admirable.

Regardless to say, the series is filled with clever one-liners and intelligent humour which keeps the course interesting and light-hearted without being overwhelming or boring for the audience. In addition, what makes the series so special and keeps up with the genre is its uniqueness of the ordinary. Be it the proficiency of the actors who make the show so lively with their performances, or the simplicity with which the show is executed. Part of the credit also goes to the writers of the show for presenting the story in an impactful manner that leaves the viewer emotional yet grateful. Gullak Season 3 is surely worth your time if you are searching for a light-hearted watch.

You can watch Gullak Season 3 on Sony LIV from April 7.


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