7 Things To Know About Gina Rodriguez Starrer Awake

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Netflix’s forthcoming thriller Awake follows a family stuck in a world where no one can connect via technology and also cannot sleep. The lead character Jil played by Gina Rodriguez struggles to keep her family alive when she realises her daughter might be the key to survival.

The sci-fi thriller, which was first announced in 2019, will stream on Netflix this month. Rodriguez ended her almost year-long social media sabbatical to drop the trailer of the film.

Here’s what we know about the Netflix film Awake:

  • The post-apocalyptic film is set in a world where all technology has shut down. A catastrophe has left people unable to sleep and exposed them to some fatal effects insomnia will have.
  • Rodriguez’s character wants to keep her children safe but her daughter, who can still sleep, seems to be the ‘cure’ of the problem. Now she has to choose between saving her child and the whole of humanity.
  • Alongside Gina Rodriguez, the film also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, Finn Jones, and Shamier Anderson.
  • The upcoming thriller is directed by Mark Raso who has films like  Kodachrome and Copenhagen to his credit.
  • Raso approached Gina Rodriguez to play the character after watching Annihilation, when he realized he’d found his ideal lead.
  • Speaking of the film, the filmmaker said, “My central message in this film is that maybe the world needs a reset. Everyone needs to stop and look at the world in a different way. I really have a strong belief that that’s going to be led by the youth of today”.
  • The film will premiere on Netflix on June 9.

Check out the trailer here: