From Beena Tripathi To Zarina Meet The Women In Mirzapur-2

Mirzapur- 2 is back with a bhaukaal and this time women are generously taking the shots they did not before.

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The chest-thumping testosterone-driven air in the Tripathi mansion ensures that women play the second fiddle in that space. Household creatures work at the snap of men’s fingers here. But what makes the women characters special because they definitely make a mark? Here is a look at women in Mirzapur 2 where “niyam kabhi bhi badal sakte hain”.


1.Beena Tripathi played by Rasika Duggal:

The master manipulator, Beena Tripathi does not hesitate to express her sexual desires with Kaleen Bhaiya or Raja. After being violated by Babuji she breaks the unity of Tripathi men. Even though the parentage of her son remains unclear she uses her pregnancy to get away from Bauji. She asks Maqbool to not kill Bauji and takes revenge for Radha and herself at the end. In her words, “jo aaya hai woh jaayega bhi, bas marzi Beena Tripathi ki hogi.

2. Gajgamini Gupta aka Golu played by Shweta Tripathi Sharma:

In her debut scene, she is shown masturbating in her college library. From the piles of her assignments to opium and then sacks of guns, the student president of Gajjumal College comes a long one. She does not blink an eye before leaving her father behind to avenge the death of her love interest Bablu and her sister Sweety. Her relationship with Shatrughan Tyagi is her “zarurat” and she is clear about her dynamics in the relationship. Nothing beats her focus.

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3.Dimpy Pandit played by Harshita Gaur:


Dimpy plays an important role in the second season, helping her brother Guddu and Golu on many occasions. Her disgust for gun violence pushes her to opt for a different path than Guddu and Golu. After losing her sister-in-law and brother, in Robin, she finds friendship and love. Her love for her family is a breath of fresh air amid the bloodshed and gore.

4.Madhuri Yadav Tripathi played by Isha Talwar: 

Despite being a widow in an orthodox community, she gets another shot at marriage. Carefully navigating amongst the tender ropes of Tripathi family, she tried to build trust between herself and Munna. After nominating herself as the CM, she proves that she is adept at politics just like her father. She motivates Munna to play safe and focus on the Mirzapur throne. “Vyaapar humare hisaab se chalta hai, hum vyaapar ke hisaab se nahi" she knows how to play her cards.

5. Zarina played by Anangsha Biswas:

She plays the role of JP Yadav's PA, (JP is the cunning younger brother of Chief Minister Surya Pratap). Their relationship started from a one-night stand. Instead of getting the rewards she initially was promised, she is misused and abused, but she finds a way to get back. 

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