Five Celebrity Siblings That Give Us Major Goals

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Bollywood Siblings We have Come to Know And Love: Having grown up watching Karan and Arjun’s emotional reunion scene, played by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on cable television, one can imagine the way sibling relationship on-screen has evolved on screen. These snippets of love between them also have made us imagine what kind of sibling are they at home. Social media has made it possible for us to at least get an overview of their relationship with their siblings with the hashtag #siblinggoals.

Watching Arjun Kapoor wearing colour coordinated clothes with his sister and dancing together or Karishma Kapoor encouraging Kareena Kapoor Khan with encouraging words, sets a new trend and a separate league of siblings goal on social media. They must also fight and bicker like most siblings but the warm and supportive glance of their relationship on social media seems to be relatable for most of their followers.

Here is a list of such celebrity sibling duo, whose pictures and videos one most definitely share with their sibling on social media:

Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor

Donning pistachio coloured shirts, white tees and jeans, the siblings danced to Badshah’s Jugnu song. The video features Arjun Kapoor with his sibling Anshula Kapoor matching steps to the song. The post was made by Kapoor on December 29, Anshula’s birthday with the caption, “Remain kind, be the best version of yourself every day, Stay happy, always smile & remember Mom &I got your back no matter what…Happy Birthday, @anshulakapoor May you get all that you want & deserve this year love you.” This is not the first time he is being this emotional, in June this year, he also dedicated a tattoo on his hand to his sister, while stating, “She is the Ace up my sleeve @anshulakapoor  I, intertwined forever in life & also by the letter A.”

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Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Although Ibrahim’s Instagram account is private, one can see the fun sibling relationship that he and Sara Ali Khan shares on Sara’s feed. Now and then, she keeps posting videos with her brother on knock-knock jokes and the actor calls her brother “Iggy.” In one of the birthday posts for Ibrahim, Sara wrote, “… I promise to always make you the best coffee, stalk you to come with me to the beach, feed you with pyaar, irritate you always, force you to pose even as a new born, ensure you do countless swimming laps, make you lose at badminton, be the worst google maps navigator and tell the best knock knock jokes (emojis).”

Sara Ali Khan childhood pics

Sara Ali Khan with brother Ibrahim
PC Saba Ali Khan /Instagram

Soha Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Actors Soha Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan belong to a family of actors and are children of Sharmila Tagore. In 2013, Soha had disclosed that both her mother and brother’s advice to her on marriage were poles apart. While Tagore advised her to get married early, Saif advised her to wait until 40 years of age. In interviews, Soha has spoken about the influence that Saif has been on her and how the two bonded over their love for literature. When Saif turned 51-years-old this year, Soha shared a picture with Saif and wrote, “Happy Birthday bhai! To more attempts at being civilised, eating dinner on time and having an early night…The quest continues…”

Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan

The duo is inseparable and that is visible in the social media presence that they have. From airport looks to attending lavish parties, pictures come flowing of sisters in their best fashion posing with each other. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Karishma said, “Kareena and I are always in touch. We are just like two regular sisters. We discuss everything- from the groceries to our drivers. I was telling her I’m going  for Mentalhood promotions and she laughed saying, now you will understand.” While Kareena in an interview spoke about how she witnessed her elder sister, Karishma, cry for nights to their mother and actor Babita Kapoor while Karishma was struggling to be an actor.

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Kareena Kapoor with her newborn son.
PC: Kareena Kapoor/ Instagram

Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt

Actor Alia Bhatt and her elder sister Shaheen Bhatt have been supportive sisters to each other. Be it insomnia or depression, the duo never failed to be the backbone of another. Shaheen is an assistant director and has been part of films like Jism 3 and Raaz 3. She spoke in public about depression and insomnia. In an interview, Alia said, “All those who are close to her know about it. It’s not as if Shaheen has never spoken about it before. She has, to her loved ones. Apart from the depression, my sister also has insomnia. So we’ve spent many sleepless nights talking.”