From First Crush To Marriage: Actor Neeraj Madhav’s Story Leaves Fans Heart-Eyed

neeraj madhav wife

Neeraj Madhav wife: The Family Man actor today is married to the love of his life, Deepthi Janardhan. The couple is living a happy life together, as a family of three with their recently born daughter.

But like everyone else, Madhav still has a special place in his memory for the first crush he ever had back in high school.

In a post looking back at his old-school first love, Madhav has left fans heart-eyed.

Studying at an all-boys school, Madhav had little female interaction. “So dating someone was out of the question because I was awkward around girls. That was until the 12th grade–that’s when I had my first crush!” he said for Humans of Bombay

Like a film meet-cute, the two bumped into each other at their coaching centre’s water dispenser. She left Madhav feeling butterflies as the rest of the day passed in a blur, he revealed.

“Everyday, I’d look forward to my classes. We didn’t speak, but sometimes, she’d smile at me and I’d turn into a red tomato!”

neeraj madhav wife

Image: Neeraj Madhav / Instagram

Neeraj Madhav Wife And Early Years Of Young Romance: Fans Swoon

Madhav waited for his crush a little longer at the bus stop, was embarrassed when friends teased him or pushed him to talk to her, so much so that he reveals the boys all got punished for creating a ruckus. He says “she tried talking to me once, but I exited the scene; I was shy!”

The throwback by Madhav, who is soon to star in Netflix’s Feels Like Ishq, has thrust many netizens back into nostalgia for memories of their own first crushes and innocent days of high-school love.

After he set on the path of his career, Madhav and the girl lost any contact they had established. Since phones and Facebook were then not common, he says he had no way of keeping in touch with her. “But I’d think about her sometimes,” the 31-year-old says.

“And then once, a girl called me. She didn’t say who she was but she knew about the shirt I wore on my farewell & my favourite food joint in my hometown. I couldn’t confirm it but I knew it was her! Obviously it didn’t turn out to be anything!”

This boyhood crush was ten years ago. Madhav is now married to Janardhan, his long-time partner. The two welcomed their first baby in February this year.

As fans swooned over what seemed like Madhav’s retelling of his love story with Janardhan, the actor clarified in the comments of the post that the first crush was another girl and that he would look back at his life with his wife another time.