‘Everything’s Gonna Be All White’ Dives Deep Into History Of Racism In America

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Docuseries Everything’s Gonna Be All White traces the past and present experiences of people of colour in America. The documentary-series discusses how the people of colour have dealt with exploitation and discrimination against them through all these years with a hint of comedy. Everything’s Gonna Be All White will premiere on Friday, February 11 on SHOWTIME.

The featured artists, actors, historians and activists talk about the experiences of exploitation and discrimination in America faced by people of colour. The docuseries includes three parts and has been created by producer Sacha Jenkins.

American Comedian Amanda Seales, Comic actor Margaret Cho, Journalist Jemele Hill, Author Ibram X. Kendi, historian Dr. Nick Estes, and rappers Roxanne Shante, Styles P and Willie D come together in this three-part docuseries to challenge the fragility of White people in America as well as well discuss the Capitol Riots of January 2021. The release on February 11th marks the Black History Month.

The panel of artists, actors, historians and cultural commentators will be discussing issues related to the community of people of colour in America. From the laws that benefit the White American population to forceful takeover of property from indigenous inhabitant, the documentary throws light on all of it.

Trailer of docuseries Everything’s Gonna Be All White was out too recently and it came with a disclaimer that mentioned “This trailer may trigger white people.” Watch the trailer here.

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It is expected that the docuseries will include a bonus episode at the end where creator Jenkins will hold a discussion with emerging activists and artists on issues including legalisation of Marijuana. The 1865, Jenkins band is also expected to perform in the bonus episode.


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