Is Emma Watson Retiring From Acting? This Is How Her Fans Are Reacting

Emma Watson Retirement
Emma Watson: Word on the social block is that Harry Potter fame Emma Watson is going to retire from acting and going to start her family. Even though there is no official confirmation of the news from the actor, her fans seemed to be devastated just by the speculations.

Some sad kitten GIFs were shared, crying emojis were poured in tweets and everything that has the possibility of making Emma Watson change her decision (if she really has decided so). Watson, known for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter movies garnered praise for her acting talent and even though her acting credits are few, the star has made her mark in the film industry.

She was recently seen in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women in which she played the role of the eldest sister  Meg March. Watson also starred in Beauty and the Beast film in 2017 in which she decided to not wear a corset.

The conjectures on her possible retirement started from a DailyMail report which had Watson’s agent saying that she is has gone “Dormant”. This made social media users and interpret many things and it is safe to say that they felt heartbroken.

While some supported her decision and encouraged her to do whatever she chooses to do with her life others just couldn’t let their Hermoine go away so soon. One fan even wrote a long letter expressing their love and admiration for Watson.

The user wrote to Watson that she made a huge difference in their life and that they remembered her even in the most difficult times and found themselves smiling thinking about how “determined you were”. “You are the one who makes me smile every day even though I have a screwed-up mind and it reminds me of not giving up on my dreams, I remembered you even when I knew I wasn’t going to make it, but even so I tried,” the letter added.

The user ended her Twitter thread-cum-letter by saying, “So, I just wanted to say that if you’re happy I’m also happy and I’ll always be supporting you in any decision.” Apparently, the person was crying while typing the tweets.

Another user wrote that if Emma Watson decides to retire, they will also retire.

Here are some of the tweets that were posted after the rumours of Emma Watson’s retirement spread online: