Emerald Fennell Was Seven Months Pregnant While Filming Promising Young Woman

" I was like a literal ticking time bomb, which I think gave me this weird power for myself," Emerald Fennell said. 

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Emerald Fennell

Emerald Fennell: Golden Globe-nominated best director Emerald Fennell revealed she was seven months while she made Promising Young Woman.  

Promising Young Woman has won not just one but four nominations at the Golden Globe Awards. Emerald Fennell was among the three women nominated in the best director category.

It was a historic event since the Golden Globe has never nominated so many female directors in the same year. Promising Young Woman's cast Carey Mulligan was nominated for the best actress award while the film won two nominations in best drama and best screenplay category. 

Emerald Fennel while speaking to the People magazine revealed that her pregnancy helped her during the filming of Promising Young Woman. She said, I was so pregnant and I think that really helped because in general, I care deeply, pathetically what people think about me." 

She also said that she chose the "worst possible career" for her personality trait. " The idea of people not liking me and thinking I’m difficult, all those things, is just dreadful to me," she added. 

However, Fennell said that when one is "carting around a massive baby" and they are going to give birth, they don't have time to be anxious." I was like a literal ticking time bomb, which I think gave me this weird power for myself," she said. 

Emerald Fennell is one of the eight female directors ever nominated by the Golden Globe Awards. The awards have a reputation of snubbing the female talent. 

Promising Young Woman is a dark comedy revolving around Cassie (Carey Mulligan) who works at a cafe during the day and turns into a completely different person during nights. She indulges in alcohol and is on her path to take revenge from men who take advantage of her on the pretext of helping her. The film opened at Sundance Film Festival and Carey Mulligan has already won Palm Spring International honour for her role in the film. 

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