Dancing With The Devil: Demi Lovato's 2018 Overdose Is The Subject of Her New Song

Demi Lavato revisits her harrowing 2018 experience in her new music video.

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Dancing With The Devil: In Demi Lovato's new project, "Dancing with the Devil...the Art of Starting Over", she recreates the night of her 2018 overdose.

In the documentary, she details the night and the sequence of events that led to the incident. Lovato re-enacts the evening of her sexual assault and overdose, which appears to be quite disturbing.

The singer shared a snippet from the song on her Instagram handle and captioned it as "#DancingWithTheDevil music video is out now. Thank you for listening, and thank you for hearing me. If you or someone you know is in need of support, please remember it's ok to ask for help."

Lovato has co-directed the song the documentary filmmaker Michael D. Ratner. As the clip opens, the viewers see her singing from the bed of a hospital with an oxygen tube under her nose. The clip then shifts to the harrowing evening where we find an intoxicated Lovato having multiple drinks in a bar.

She is later seen in a car with other people, whose faces aren't revealed. After that, the viewers find her in a bedroom. Here, a man drops a bag presumably full of the drugs that almost killed her. Lovato is passed out in her bed and the drug dealer stands beside her. He leaves while she is apparently naked under the covers. The video ends with contact information for addiction assistance, depression and depression.

Dancing With Devil: Lyrics

The lyrics of Lovato's new song goes like, "Thought I knew my limit, yeah/  I thought I could quit it, yeah." The singer continues to narrate the incident by mentioning how she fell on her knees and praying to God for forgiveness. She sings, "Could you please forgive me?"

"Lord I'm sorry for dancing with the devil," the verse ends.

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