Deepika Padukone Shows How Actors Are Choosing Comfort Over Trends

Deepika Padukone At Filmfare
Deepika Padukone recently attended the 67th Filmfare Awards wearing jeans and an oversized shirt, choosing comfort over designer gowns. She accompanied her husband, Ranveer Singh, on stage after he won Best Actor (Male). Photos and videos of Padukone quickly went popular across social media, as several users lauded her relaxed wear.

Celebrities all around the world are idolised for their flawless fashion sense and new designs, and they go to great lengths to appear their trendy best. Needless to say, fashion sometimes comes at a high price in terms of effort and pain. Actors are sympathetic because, no matter how larger than life their lives are, they are not immune to inconvenience or pain. They are required to make unmountable efforts to be seen a certain way and show up no matter what. What’s more realistic and reassuring is that many celebrities have been making fashion more relatable with their choices. They are choosing comfort above trends, which is excellent because it teaches their audience or fans that comfort is what counts most in this day and age of social media glare.

Social Media Looks At Padukone As Pop-Culture Star

There is no doubt that actor Deepika Padukone is the queen of red carpet fashion, known for donning stunning costumes and luxury sarees at global events. This time around, her causal approach has made headlines because the audience is appreciating her choice to choose comfort. Social media hailed Padukone for not only choosing comfort but also proudly coming on stage in the attire at a ceremony that is to be telecasted on national television.

A social media user commented on her look mentioning how the actor reminded her when Meryl Streep had shown up in denims on a red carpet a few years back. With her stunning red carpet outfits and willingness to try new things, Streep, who has received the most Academy Award nominations, continues to win our hearts. Although most people choose contact lenses to match their outfits, she has embraced wearing tinted or untinted spectacles on the red carpet. 

A few years back, at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, her family and friends were seen wearing sneakers with their lehengas or sherwanis, which denoted that weddings can be fun without the hassle of dancing in heels or uncomfortable footwear, irrespective of all genders.

Serena Williams is another pioneer who has consistently adopted bold, nonconformist fashion choices, both on and off the court. Williams paired her custom-made yellow gown with yellow sneakers at the 2019 MET Gala. Even at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, she wore sneakers. Kristen Stewart grabbed positive attention and was lauded when she took off her high heels while walking the red carpet at the Gala and instead walked barefoot up the staircase. 

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Deepika Padukone At Filmfare: Humanising celebrities through their choices

Celebrities have been known to popularise trends even after they go out of style. What they wear becomes immensely popular across social media within seconds. Youngsters follow these celebrities and it sometimes becomes challenging for them to accept realities or their personalities. It’s pleasing to witness celebrities accepting their comfort, likes and conveniences, which directly or indirectly affects the minds of the fans who follow them religiously.

More positively, celebrities can affect our fashion by encouraging their audience to dress as themselves rather than for others. In an interview published some years back, Angelina Jolie said, “I think we all recognise courage when we see it.” Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone being completely themselves, with their unique style and personality.” It’s important to note that celebrities, like everyone else, have distinct personal styles that reflect their distinct personalities.

Recently, the newly formed Akasa Airlines was praised for its new crew uniforms. Akasa Air, a new Indian airline, debuted its personnel uniform, which was lauded for its comfortable apparel and footwear. The airline introduced its new crew uniform in a series of tweets, stating that the uniforms were designed to maintain the organisation’s basic philosophy of putting the comfort of its personnel and the environment first.

Unlike in years past, several B-town celebrities are now occasionally seen with flats or sneakers rather than high heels paired with casual clothes rather than designer gowns or dresses. This is significant because it both humanises them and proves that the days of forcing oneself to dress in a way that makes one feel uncomfortable are over.

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