Meet The Women Artists In Coke Studio Pakistan's 'Blockbuster'

Coke Studio Pakistan's latest release, “Blockbuster,” has achieved an unprecedented level of success, primarily due to a surprising element—a young girl who effortlessly stole the show.

Ishika Thanvi
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Image: Screengrabs from Coke Studio Pakistan YouTube

Coke Studio Pakistan has consistently mesmerized audiences with its unique blend of music and stunning performances. However, their latest release, “Blockbuster,” has achieved an unprecedented level of success, primarily due to a surprising element—a young girl who effortlessly stole the show. Let's explore how this remarkable event unfolded and the creative brilliance behind the production.


A Groundbreaking Music Video

Coke Studio has always pushed the boundaries of music production, and “Blockbuster” is no exception. The song features Faris Shafi in a novel look that has intrigued fans, but what truly sets it apart is its massive one-take music video. Directed by Zeeshan Parwez, this ambitious project involved an extensive set constructed in a village, 400+ extras, and over 200 crew members. The video’s choreography was handled by the renowned Norwegian dance group, The Quick Style, adding a layer of energy that resonates with viewers.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Blockbuster

The official Instagram account of IFP highlighted this achievement, noting the scale and execution of the video. They wrote, “Have you heard this song by Coke Studio Pakistan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!! Coke Studio Pakistan (@coke_studio) hits another milestone with the Blockbuster music video which is a one-take biggest Coke studio production video.”

This acknowledgement is of the meticulous planning and effort that went into creating this visual masterpiece.


The Unexpected Showstopper: A Little Girl Named Saba

While the video’s production values are undoubtedly impressive, the real heart of “Blockbuster” lies in the unexpected contribution of a young girl named Saba. Producer Xulfi, known for his innovative ideas, shared the captivating story behind her inclusion. During a rehearsal session, the Gharwi Group arrived with Saba, who was minding her little brother. Her presence and the way she soothed her brother with her voice caught Xulfi’s attention. 

Xulfi decided to bring her into the recording studio, where she instantly impressed the Coke Studio team with her confidence and flawless delivery. After some nurturing and encouragement, Saba was integrated into the song, where her captivating voice and poise made her the undeniable showstopper.

The Musical Brilliance of “Blockbuster’’

Blockbuster, part of Coke Studio Season 15, is a hip-hop track that has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube. The song features catchy lyrics like “Vey baby rickshaw mein kar liya main tere waley aariyan…vey mar janiya” performed by the Gharwi Group, which adds to its mass appeal. Faris Shafi’s surprising look and the energetic dance sequences choreographed by The Quick Style further elevate the song's entertainment value.


Women Artists in Focus:

Coke Studio has also been a platform for showcasing female talent, and Blockbuster is no different. The inclusion of Saba and The Gharwi Group is a testament to the producer’s commitment to highlighting diverse voices and talents. This approach not only enriches the music but also provides a platform for emerging artists to shine.

Blockbuster” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the power of creativity and the magic of unexpected moments. With its ambitious one-take video, energetic choreography, and the charming addition of young Saba, Coke Studio has once again proven its ability to create cultural masterpieces that resonate deeply with audiences.

As we continue to enjoy and celebrate these artistic achievements, one thing is clear—Coke Studio’s “Blockbuster” is here to stay.

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