Breasts Come Alive In Wonderfully Vivid Ad Aired During Golden Globes 2021

"Good moms should know how to do this. And am I a bad mom if I stop now?" Breastfeeding ad at Golden Globes looks into the apprehensions of new mothers.

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In a first, a vivid breastfeeding ad aired during the Golden Globes 2021 awards. NBC broadcast the ceremony, a virtual one this time, at prime time on March 1.

The commercial, in only 30 seconds, gives an inch-perfect, incisive look into the highs and lows of motherhood with a focus on breastfeeding. It makes an unabashed display of natural breasts as two diverse women cope with the laborious experience of feeding their babies, pumping, losing sleep and unclogging.

"Good moms should know how to do this. And am I a bad mom if I stop now?" one mom in the advert asks, echoing the apprehension of all new mothers.

Breastfeeding Ad Details Labours Of Motherhood

The ">ad by Frida Mom, a mom care company, is originally at 75 seconds but was edited for television at a 30-second cut with shots featuring nipples excluded to ensure the breastfeeding ad "complied with NBCU standards and other guidelines."

"We're lifting the veil on the challenges new moms (and their breasts) face as they DIY their way through lactation woes," the ad description reads. Rachel Morrison, the first woman ever nominated for Academy Award for Best Cinematography, is the name behind the ad.

The New York Times calling the breastfeeding ad a "rarity for national TV," quoted NBCUniversal's statement that said, "We agree that the ad may push the envelope, but it is the context surrounding the visuals that makes this ad different, and we stand by it."

Here's how audiences reacted to the ad: 

Golden Globes 2021 Highlights

The awards saw Hollywood BFF duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting bicoastally from New York and Beverly Hills respectively. This year The Crown ruled the awards, winning in the Best Television Series (Drama) category, while Emma Corrin won Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Drama) as well

Other female actors to have won major awards this year are Rosamund Pike and Catherine O’Hara.

Late actor Chadwick Boseman won the Best Actor award in Drama category at 2021 Golden Globes. His award, for his performance in Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom was received by his widow Simone Ledward. Read more here. 

Image Credit: Frida Mom, YouTube

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