Glittery First Gig, Mosh Pits And Synesthesia,Billie Eilish’s Debut Book Has Everything

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Billie Eilish Debut Book: The Grammy award winner Billie Eilish has released her debut book at the age of 19. The book mostly filled with pictures of her life will be launched at Grand Central and is available to order on Amazon.

The picture-filled by the pop star will show glimpses of her life to the readers supported by an audiobook Billie Eilish: In Her Own Words. The book carries pictures from her childhood, candid moments with her family, friends and everything on the pages of her book is supported by reflections and commentary in her audiobook.

Eilish who now enjoys massive popularity worldwide with over 80 million followers on social media and several songs topping the Billboard hot 100 lists, revealed in her book that she had her first gig at a slumber party.

“We were throwing glitter,” Eilish said recalling the sleepover. Eilish is one of the few pop stars with her roots in dance and it was her friends from the dance who got to hear her for the first time.

“It was the first time I’d ever performed for a group of people that I knew really, besides talent shows and stuff on my own.” She sang Secret by Missy Higgins and believed that she was “terrible”.

Eilish also elaborated on her middle name which came as a surprise to her fans. Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell got her ‘pirate’ middle name from her brother. Finneas O’Connell, her brother, was going through a ‘pirate phase’ when Eilish was in her mother’s womb. He then started calling her Pirate and according to Eilish, her family was planning on naming her Pirate after that. She later got her current first name from her grandfather named William. He died soon before Eilish was born.

Billie Eilish Debut Book: Cherish Memories of her life

In 2016, Eilish attended FYF Fest, her first music festival, and found out that she loved mosh pits.

She said, “It was the day that I realized that a mosh pit is really the only place that I will ever feel that type of freedom.” Eilish said that since that music festival, she was willing to go in any mosh pit. She made a decision to share the same joy with her fans and that why all her shows have mosh pits.

The release party of her first album was based on a synesthesia theme. Eilish’s mother Baird said that her daughter was inspired by the horror film The Babadook and that is the same inspiration behind her first album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go.

Her mother said, “When the album came out, Eilish threw quite the release party. She said every room at the venue had “a number, a colour, a shape, a smell, a temperature — everything you can imagine that goes with synesthesia.”

Billie Eilish recently announced that she will come out with her new album named Happier Than Ever on July 30 this year.