Five Films Which Prove That Abhay Deol Is A Class Apart From Rest Of The Actors

From playing a charismatic conman to an easygoing friend, here are all the times Abhay Deol charmed audiences.

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Abhay Deol films carry the quality of unconventionality that appears to mirror the actor himself. His understated presence in Bollywood is balanced by his audacious choice of roles. Neither of these would give an indication that he belongs to one of the most prominent film families in the Hindi entertainment industry; the only giveaway being his surname.

But the 45-year-old has hardly ever played up his starry status anyway. This is rare in a field where the bloodline is often a decider of merit. With some 30-odd appearances on screen, Deol has qualitative credits to his name. Calculated in numbers, his work would pale in comparison to that of many of his contemporaries who churn out film after film every year.

Is that an ideal barometer to judge good work though? Deol's selection of characters and their successful portrayal have been convincing determinants of his acting skills. That is not all that fans like about him, however. Deol's socially conscious stances - vis a vis feminism and other inequalities - and nonchalant daring to call out his industry on its shortcomings contribute greatly to his appeal. Can't say his charming dimpled face doesn't help too.

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Deol's unique screen presence more than makes up for his general absence from public view.


Best Abhay Deol Movies: You Can't Miss These!

1. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! 

One of Deol's most memorable works, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! is a comedy that tracks the exploits of a charismatic conman from Delhi who steals from the wealthiest, everything from jewellery to dogs. His capers, often not stemming from a need for riches but amusement, become the talk of the town as we are taken through the story of how he became who he is.

Also starring Paresh Rawal in a triple role, the film received wide critical acclaim and established Deol's worth as an actor in the mainstream. This fame was the forerunner to the explosive prominence Deol gave a year later in 2009 with Dev.D. 

2. Socha Na Tha 

Deol's debut film, Socha Na Tha has developed a cult following ever since it was released in 2005. Deol as the lead plays Viren, a rebellious rich brat who finds himself in one sticky situation after another. He wants to marry his girlfriend but his family does not approve of their interfaith union.


By the time they do, Viren falls in love with Aditi, played by Ayesha Takia. A good ol' romcom that is problematic in some places, as all dated films of the genre are, Socha Na Tha makes for a nice, feel-good watch.

3. Manorama Six Feet Under 

Among the lesser-known of his films, Manorama Six Feet Under is based on the 1974 Jack Nicholson-starrer Chinatown. Nothing is as it seems in this crime thriller laced with head-spinning twists. The story follows the life of novelist Satyaveer (Deol) whose otherwise unspirited existence is turned upside down when he gets involved in a mysterious series of events.

While the film received good reviews from critics, it did not win unanimous audience approval. Crime story buffs will savour this one though.

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4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

As the forever compromising Arjun, Deol had the audience rooting for him in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In the triangle of friends off on a road trip to Spain to mark his bachelor's, Deol's character was the sober mediator between Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar's bickering Arjun and Imran; the glue that kept the group tied together.

He is in two minds about marrying the woman (">Kalki Koechlin) he has proposed to but owing to his trademark compliant nature, he doesn't seem to be able to find the pluck to tell her the truth. Deol's easygoing portrayal makes him a treat to watch and quickly elevates him to favourite status despite two heavyweight names sharing space with him.

5. Dev.D

Widely regarded as his magnum opus, Dev.D outraged the sensibilities of the average Indian moviegoer upon its release in 2009. A modern-day, black comedy adaptation of the classic novel Devdas, this film explored a plethora of the original story's themes - from prostitution to alcoholism - but in a more modern and bold context.

From a feminist lens, the titular Dev that Deol plays is often a far from likeable character. He is chauvinistic and self-centred. But by amping up the liberated quality of its two strong female leads - Koechlin and Mahie Gill - the film salvages itself, retaining the blueprint of the original Devdas. 

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