Aura Bhatnagar Is Sagacious Beyond Her Age, 10 Things To Know About The Child Artist

Aura Bhatnagar
Aura Bhatnagar: Here are 10 things to know about the child artist from the television serial Barrister Babu.

Some kids are mature and sensible beyond their age, and at times presenting a better sense of judgement than many problematic adults we often come across. Aura Bhatnagar is one such child who has shown an astonishing level of discernment which is quite rare for children of her age.

The child actor is riding high on the immense critical acclaim and popularity for the portrayal of a child bride in the social drama television serial Barrister Babu. 

In the serial, Aura plays the role of Bondita Das, an 8-year old Bengali girl caught in the clutches of the patriarchal society of Indian pre-independence era, but also salvaged by Anirudh, a young man who returned from London, through marriage. However, he, a barrister, fights against society for her education and empowerment in pursuit to make her a barrister.

As Aura plays the role of curious and feisty Bondita in the Colors TV serial, we realised that she is as sensible, spirited and scintillating as the character she is presently portraying.

The 9-year old child artist recently spoke to SheThePeople, talking about how girls and boys are treated differently in the society.

“Even now I have seen that girls are afraid to go out of their houses. Girls often think, ‘Will I be fine if I go out? Will I get hurt if I go out?’ Many parents allow their boys to sleep till late in the morning. Whereas girls have to wake up early to do housework. Why are only girls asked to do this?”

The kind of maturity and understanding she displays in her words is inspiring for everyone, irrespective of age.

Here are 10 things to know about the talented child artist Aura Bhatnagar:
  1. Aura Bhatnagar Badoni was born on May 9, 2011 in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand.
  2. She is currently in the third grade at St Joseph’s Academy, Dehra Dun.
  3. As told by Aura herself, she has always been interested in acting. She said, “I was always dramatic! I used to stand in front of the mirror and go like, ‘I’m fainting!’ and sometimes I would start laughing like a witch.”
  4. She made her acting debut in 2020 in the social drama serial Barrister Babu. Aura has received widespread recognition for her portrayal of a child bride.
  5. Her parents have been extremely supportive of her career and have always listened to what Aura wished to do. She said, “Once they wanted to back off when I was too young, but when I told them that I would be able to do it, they agreed and supported me.”
  6. In spite of her hectic schedule, she makes sure to manage her studies well. “My mother is very particular so she helps me manage my studies,” she said.
  7. Aura is an independent and caring girl. When asked about how she manages to eat during shoots, she told that she takes food on her own when her mother is not around. “When my mother gets tired, I do things on my own as I don’t want to disturb her,” she added.
  8. When she was asked about shooting for long hours, she said, “I enjoy the shoot and don’t feel like there’s a camera in front of me and hence, I am able to enjoy the whole process.”
  9. The 9-year old has an inquisitive, feminist mindset and talked about the preferential and unfair treatment of girls. “Women always have to sacrifice and leave her family and wishes behind for the sake of her husband. Things are slowly changing, but there’s still a lot to change. Why are girls discriminated against? Can someone answer my question?”
  10. She revealed that her father is progressive and she has been titled with both her parents’ surnames, i.e. her mother’s Bhatnagar and her father’s Badoni.


Feature image credits: Telly Now