Alice Evans Spilt With Husband Ioan Gruffudd Has Her In ‘Excruciating Pain’

Alice Evans
Alice Evans: As actors Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd reportedly head for a divorce ending their 13-year long marriage, the former penned down an emotional message on Instagram about the split. 

In the Instagram post, she uploaded 12 hours ago, she thanks all her fans and well-wishers for their kind and comforting messages. She further states that she never thought that her family would have to go through something like this. Although she is still fighting against the separation for the sake of her kids and also because she still loves him, she knew deep down that her husband won’t come back. 

She finally wrote that in spite of being in excruciating pain, she is ‘as strong as an ox’ and will move on for her two kids. 

Credits: Instagram Screenshot

Alice Evans wrote in her caption, “I never thought this would happen to us. I am still fighting against it, because I love our kids, and I still love him, but something has happened inside his head and whatever it is, I don’t see him coming back to us.”

She added, “The pain is excruciating, but I am stronger than an ox.” She shared that she ‘weeps all day’ when her kids aren’t looking. 

Divorce announcement

The 49-year old actress revealed the couple was breaking up in a shocking statement on Twitter and openly accused her husband of ‘mentally torturing’ and ‘gaslighting’ her on social media. However, the tweets about their split were later deleted.

In her deleted Twitter post, Alice Evans wrote, “Sad news. My beloved husband/soulmate of 20 years, Ioan Gruffudd, has announced he is to leave his family, starting next week. Me and our young daughters are very confused and sad. We haven’t been given a reason except that he ‘no longer loves me.’ I’m so sorry.”

Ioann Gruffudd, well known for his performance in Titanic as Fifth Officer Harold Lowe in Titanic and as Horatio Hornblower in the eponymous TV series, released a joint statement. The statement, conveyed by a representative, was, “As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for our family, and we remain committed to our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”