Alia Bhatt’s Lookalike Celesti Bairagey Bags A Show, Meet Other Actors’ Doppelgangers

Bollywood actors lookalikes, who is celesti bairagey ,Celesti Bairagey
While we all strive to imitate our favourite celebrities, some people are able to do so without any effort. They do attract attention because of their uncanny resemblance to stars. And since nothing is hidden on the internet these days, these lookalikes who post their images or videos are soon found and spread online. Many of them get their followers increased or many get job opportunities.

Do you recall Alia Bhatt lookalike Celesti Bairagey, who gained notoriety for the actor’s resemblance? She has recently landed her first television series, Udti Ka Naam Rajjo, after her Instagram reel, including Alia Bhatt’s line from Gangubai Kathiawadi, went viral. She relocated to Mumbai and is pursuing her aspirations, one day at a time, after getting her first acting break as Rajjo, a talented athlete in the show. Here we have compiled a list of other popular lookalikes who have gone viral in the recent past.

Bollywood Actors Lookalikes

Alia Bhatt and Celesti Bairagey

This lookalike of Alia Bhatt took the internet by storm last year when one of her videos went viral. Dubbed “Assam ki Alia Bhatt”, Celesti Bairagey again made headlines this year when she got her first acting break. She made her debut on Indian TV as Rajjo on August 22. Rajjo is an Indian television drama series that premiered on StarPlus and is digitally streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.

Celesti Bairagey experienced great success thanks to her viral Alia Bhatt-inspired video. She stated in an interview, “You could say that the video was fruitful for me. After watching that video, the show’s producer, Mukta Ma’am (Mukta Dhond), decided to invite me for an audition. Thus, Alia Bhatt is lucky for me.”

who is celesti bairagey ,Celesti Bairagey

Deepika Padukone and Rijuta Ghosh Deb

A digital content creator named Rijuta Ghosh Deb was recently recognised as Deepika Padukone’s lookalike by the internet, and she’s left fans in awe of her uncanny resemblance to the Gehraiyaan actor. Many people claimed that she resembles Padukone, but a small number of observers noted that Deb merely resembles Padukone from a particular photo angle.

When Deb was asked about her being called the actor’s lookalike, she said that she wouldn’t call herself Deepika’s doppelganger. She added that Om Shanti Om was released when she was in school and ever since then, she has been told how they look similar. While she agreed they do have certain similarities, she also added that they are also a lot different.

Nargis Dutt and Sanchi Gaurav

A few months ago, photos of a young designer went viral on the internet for bearing an uncanny resemblance to veteran actor Nargis. Netizens were surprised to know that the woman named Sanchi Gaurav is the granddaughter of Nargis. Sanchi is the daughter of Kumar Gaurav and Namrata Dutt and has a sister called Siya.

She is reportedly a well-known designer and is married to actor Bilal Amrohi. Reports reveal that she owns her own studio and has designed clothes for many Hollywood celebrities, including her maternal uncle, Sanjay Dutt.

Who is Sanchi Gaurav

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Kiara Advani and Tanisha Santoshi

Tanisha Santoshi, the daughter of filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi, shocked social media with her uncanny resemblance to Kiara Advani. She was spotted by the public when Santoshi made her Instagram page public in January, just ahead of her anticipated Bollywood debut. Tanisha Santoshi is reportedly a part of her father’s period drama Gandhi vs. Godse, which is based on the play of the same name by author Asghar Wajahat.

Tanisha Santoshi

Meet Rajkuma Santoshi’s daughter Tanisha.

 Aishwarya Rai and Aashita Singh

Aashita Singh is a new name that has been added to the list of people who resemble Aishwarya Rai. Her Instagram profile is filled with clips from movies, photos, and images of her lip-syncing to hit songs. There are other Aishwarya Rai lookalikes in addition to Aashita. Rai has also been compared with Aamna Imran, who is a Pakistani beauty blogger located in the US. She acknowledged her pleasure at the similarity in an interview and her admiration for Aishwarya Rai. Additionally, Manasi Naik, Mahlagha Jaberi, and Ammuzz Amrutha are TikTok users and models who resemble Rai.


Who is Aashita Singh

Aashita Singh