Little Concerned About Bringing Up A Child In The Public Eye: Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt On Raising Her Daughter
Actor-producer Alia Bhatt has played diverse, some mind-blowing, roles on screen in her decade-long career. The Gangubai star who turned entrepreneur with her maternity and kids-wear brand Ed-a-Mamma is also a new mommy on the block. Bhatt and her spouse, actor Ranbir Kapoor welcomed their first child, a daughter, on November 6, 2022, in Mumbai, and the former mentioned in her baby announcement post, “is bursting with love and happiness”. Recently, in an exclusive interview with a magazine, Bhatt spoke about her life post-marriage, her career choices, and embracing motherhood.

Alia Bhatt recently shared her innermost thoughts on raising her child in the spotlight and why she will never determine what profession her child should take up.

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Alia Bhatt on raising her daughter in public eye

Alia Bhatt, who welcomed a baby girl a few weeks back, is excited about her new phase in life but also concerned when it comes to the spotlight that she chose for herself but isn’t sure what her daughter would want when the latter grows up. In a recent interview, Bhatt shared her take on raising a child being a celebrity. “I am a little bit concerned when it comes to bringing up a child in the public eye,” she said, adding that she has held these discussions with her spouse, friends and family too and this is something she cares about deeply and is protective about. She continued, “While I have chosen this path, I’m not sure if my child may want to choose the same oath when she grows up and, therefore, I don’t want a sort of intrusion in her life.”

“I don’t want to have any fixed idea of what I want my child to pursue professionally.”

When Bhatt was asked whether she would like for her child to pursue the same career as hers, she said that it’s something that isn’t in her hand and she cannot plan or prepare for it. “I don’t want to have any fixed ideas of what I want to happen for the child because why should I have any expectations and then be met with any disappointment of that sort? So, in a way, they need the slate blank,” she said.

“I’ve never felt comfortable, happier and more at peace with my body”

Discussing how it’s important to be kinder to oneself when it comes to body image, Bhatt revealed that at this stage post becoming another, she is happier with how she looks. “I entered the industry at 17 and, of course, there are conversations flowing around you on how you should look,” she recalled. To be honest, she continued, “it did take a toll on me because I did become obsessed with my weight and body but I embraced myself better with time, it took a lot of work to accept and now, I am at peace,” she said.

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