Who Is Aitana Lopez? The 'Rich' Virtual AI Influencer Ruling Internet

Meet Aitana Lopez, Spain's first AI-created model. With monthly earnings approaching ₹3 lakh, Aitana has become a groundbreaking virtual influencer, catching the attention of not only brands but also a vast audience of individuals on social media.

Ishika Thanvi
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Aitana Lopez, the AI-created model

Aitana Lopez, the AI-created model

Meet Aitana Lopez, Spain's first AI-created model, designed by The Clueless, a Spain-based agency. With monthly earnings approaching ₹3 lakh, Aitana has become a groundbreaking virtual influencer, catching the attention of not only brands but also a vast audience of real-life individuals.


Aitana's creator, Ruben Cruz, shared with Euronews the backstory behind her creation. The Clueless, facing challenges with project cancellations, identified influencers and models as potential stumbling blocks. In response, they decided to take matters into their own hands, birthing Aitana as a unique solution to serve as their very own influencer and model.

Aitana's Daily Life: A Peek into the Virtual World

Ruben Cruz describes Aitana as a 25-year-old 'exuberant' woman from Barcelona, who has pink hair. Crafted as a fitness enthusiast with a 'complex' character, Aitana embodies a carefully curated personality that resonates with her growing audience of over 121,000 followers on Instagram.

Aitana's existence is meticulously crafted by a dedicated team that plans her activities for the week, selects the places she will 'visit,' and curates her Instagram page. With the help of Photoshop and AI, the team seamlessly integrates Aitana into various locations, generating an illusion of her physical presence.

Aitana’s Virtual Stardom

Earning over ₹91,000 per advertisement and amassing a monthly average of ₹2.73 lakh, Aitana's financial success has propelled her into the upper echelons of the virtual influencer sphere. The Clueless has even expanded its virtual influencer portfolio with the introduction of 'Maia,' further solidifying the impact of AI in shaping the digital marketing landscape.


Controversy and Criticism

Despite her success, Aitana has faced criticism for the perceived 'highly sexualised' nature of her images. In response, The Clueless defends their creative choices, arguing that they are merely mirroring the existing aesthetic set by real influencers and brands. This sparks a broader conversation about the influence of AI in perpetuating over-sexualized standards within the realm of virtual influencers.

As Aitana continues to break new ground in the world of virtual influencers, her story sheds light on the intersection of AI, marketing, and societal standards. While her success is undeniable, the controversy surrounding her image prompts important discussions about the ethical implications of AI in shaping and reinforcing certain beauty standards As AI models like Aitana become increasingly integrated into the marketing landscape, there arises a responsibility to navigate the fine line between innovation and social impact. The Clueless's approach opens the door to a deeper exploration of the responsibilities that come with creating virtual personalities that mirror and, at times, amplify societal norms.

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