Fatima Sana Shaikh Says A Man Punched Her After She Hit Him For Touching Her

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Actor Fatima Sana Shaikh opened up about the time when she blacked out after being punched by a man. It was after she had slapped him for touching her face.

Shaikh revealed that she was on her way home from the gym when she saw a man staring at her. She got into a heated argument after she confronted the man for it. She said that when she threatened to hit the man, he dared her to do that. When she asked why he was staring at her, he just replied that he wants to.

She told him, ” ‘Maar khana hai?’ he said, ‘maar'” (Do you want me to hit you? He said, Hit me) Then the man touched Shaikh’s face which made her slap him. In retaliation, the man punched her and she blacked out. “I slapped him, He punched me. I blacked out. Of course, I called my father first and informed him about the incident. ”

She further narrated that her father came to her rescue with other men and chased the man who had hit her. She said that her father at the time had said, “kaun that jo meri beti ko haath lagaya?” (Who touched my daughter). While talking to Pinkvilla, the actor expressed that her father is her support system. She called him a ‘strong person and a strong support system.’

Actor Fatima Sana Shaikh started as a child artists in the Hindi film industry at first then took a break and made a comeback in Aamir Khan starter Dangal. She played the role of Geeta Phogat, wrestling champion of India. During the interview, Shaikh also opened up about facing the casting couch in her early days. She said, ” I have been in  situations where I have been told that the only way I get the job is by having sex.” She said that due to this several opportunities were taken away from her.

Fatima Sana Shaikh was last seen in Ajeeb Daastaans, a four-story anthology streaming on Netflix.