Abhishek Bachchan Says Wife Aishwarya Put His Life ‘Back On Track’ During Lockdown

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Actor Abhishek Bachchan who was recently seen in a biographical movie named the Big Bull spoke about his life during lockdown last year and how his wife and actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan put his life ‘into focus’.

In a recent interview, junior Bachchan talked about the change of perspective he experienced during the lockdown last year. He said that when it comes to success, it doesn’t matter if you’re living in a mansion or a hut “as long as you can smile”.

He said that his wife Aishwarya helped him see things differently and reminded him of things he should be grateful for. The Guru star talked about “chasing material things” and said, ” we forget what its really important”. Recalling a conversation about lockdown achievement with his wife, he said that Aishwarya put him back on track,¬† “like wives do, they put your lives into focus, and put you back on track.”

“She said, ‘For the first time in your life, you got to spend an entire year with your family, and your family is safe and healthy today,” Abhishek Bachchan said.

He continued, “And when she said that, apart from being appreciative of having such a wonderful and sensible wife, it’s so true. We get to do what we love doing all day, and go home to a healthy and happy family.”

The family of five, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, daughter Aaradhya and Amitabh Bachchan were tested positive last year and had been admitted to the hospital.

Talking further, Abhishek Bachchan revealed that Aishwarya doesn’t like to watch his films before release. He added that Aishwarya has also ‘trained’ daughter Aaradhya to handle media attention. He said that Aishwarya made Aaradhya ‘very aware’ of her privileged family members since she was a newborn.

“She knows that her dada and dadi, and her mom and dad are both actors, and that we’re very privileged and that we enjoy the love and respect of so many millions, and that you have to learn to respect that and appreciate that and thank God for it. She’s fine, she’s very normal about these things. She sees our films, and enjoys them,” he added.