Aaliyah Kashyap Features In BFF Ida Ali’s Short Film ‘Gayatri’: 5 Things To Know

aaliyah kashyap short film

Aaliyah Kashyap short film: The Bollywood youth is here to stay and how! Celebrity children in their 20s are making inroads into the creative industry, not by the conventional paths their parents chose to walk, but on their own experimental terms. Among them are best friends Aaliyah Kashyap and Ida Ali.

Both daughters of renowned filmmaker fathers – Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali respectively – the duo has practically grown up together, ticking off life’s milestones with each other by their side. In the latest, the young girls have collaborated on a short film, which credits Kashyap as the lead and Ali as the director.

Titled Gayatri, the short premiered June 10 on YouTube.

Here Are 5 Things To Know About The Ida Ali – Aaliyah Kashyap Short Film:

1. The almost four-minute-long film stars Kashyap as a forlorn-looking Gayatri, vividly unsettled about something. What, we discover when the lights go on and a second girl enters the room, spilling drink on herself.

2. Devon Sheehan as Gina enquires suspiciously what Gayatri is doing alone in her room, away from the party downstairs and as the ice melts away, we find familiar themes of college, peer pressure, identity, ideology, anxiety staring back at us.

3. It is an honestly presented short by Ali that spotlights the disquiet of ‘fitting in’ and self-doubting over your belongingness in a place that seems ungettable, too distant from where you stand. An emotion many will identify as the first feelings of attending college, same as in the film.

4. Ali writes Gayatri is a Chapman University: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts student film. Other projects to her credit include Lift, Boundary, Bechari Chidiya, Stuck with Stupid and Maya. 

5. Praises are pouring in for the duo on social media for their venture. Ali hyping Kashyap, wrote on Instagram, “See… people are liking your acting.” Kashyap returned her compliment with “thanks to the director.” Both girls are currently students at Chapman, California.

Watch Gayatri here: