8 Prajakta Koli Videos That Will Make You Laugh And Break The Sadness Circle

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Prajakta Koli Interview, Who is Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli Videos: MostlySane a.k.a Koli is one of the most popular faces amongst the Indian YouTubers, with her relatable comedy and funny videos she never fails to put a smile on our faces. Prajakta has been making influential content from a very long time usually deriving her ideas from everyday shenanigans, current situation and problems, her videos are based on the view point of common people and their reactions. Just like her youtube name she is 'mostly sane'.


Here are 8 videos by Mostly Sane to put a smile on your face

1. Phirse Lockdown Hogaya

This videos centers around the plight of a common family facing another lockdown, dotting it with the personal's problems of an overworked mother, an agonised father and frustrated kids.

2. Types of Cousins

Surely, there is a plethora of 'types of' videos on YouTube yet Prajakta with her brisk comedy adds a new elements to her videos, from from hungry cousin to a the show-off we have varieties of cousins.


3. Thoughts At Indian Wedding

Wrapped in comedy Prajakta delineates her views on Indian Wedding and what does it feel like to be a part of one, with satire and crisp comments this video is some food for thought.

4. Bacche Kahan se Aaate Hain

Taking the classic trope of dinner table conversation and taboo around sex and child birth, Prajatka uses her handy dandy comic angle to give insight into how Indian families deal with the idea.


5. Khayali Pulao

Khayali Pulao is a short film by Prajkta featuring herself as the lead character, it revolves around a girls from Harayan who wants to play handball and no one in her village approves of her choice. Imbibing the story of million real life girls like these Prajakta has a message to give.

8 Prajakta Koli Videos That Will Make You Laugh And Break The Sadness Circle

6. Biology Ka Wo Wala Chapter


All of us remember smirks and giggles in the classroom when chapter around reproduction was supposed to be taught, it shows how sex is as something which shouldn't be spoken about, Prajakta picks up this snippet from our childhood and centres her video around it.

7. Ameer Logon ke Choncle

This video is a stark commentary on how privileged people behave and can sometimes come up with the most outlandish problems which might not even exist. MostlySane puts all of their gucci, parda, dior in one bag.

8. Montu ka Future

And, lastly addressing another most crucial part of any child's life, choosing career, Prajakta uses her character Montu to show the plight of choosing a career for a kid with her subtle comedy.






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