5 Relatable Women-Led Short Films You Must Watch

Women Led Short Films
Sometimes, you do not require a full-feature film to leave an impact, short films do that magic in their 10 minutes. With a plethora of content available on streaming platforms, the audience has the choice to select what they want to watch in terms of reliability and interest. It’s said art imitates life and life imitates art. Therefore, with the audience becoming more empowered and aware of their surroundings while dealing with their situations personally and professionally, filmmakers are now creating content that directly connects with their viewers. Short films these days are not only issue-based but also rank high in terms of connectivity which, in a way, determines the course of the future scope of entertainment.

If you’re looking for shorter yet impactful content to watch during your weekdays, we got you covered. From Zuni to Ritu Goes Online, we bring to you five women-led short films that are both inspirational and engaging.

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Women-Led short films you can watch

Produced by Big Bat Films and directed by Jyoti Bajaj and Sanjay Mathew, ZUNI is a family drama that will make you want to pick up the phone and call your mom. Not revealing much here because this eleven-minute film is a rollercoaster you must watch today. The brilliant voice modulation in the film will surprise you and the protagonist, Zuni will win your heart through her dealings with situations in life. Zuni will remind you, once again, that although you’re married and grown up, you can still come back to your parents and be a child in front of them because that’s the root you’re never growing out of. This heartwarming tale features actors Divya Dutta, Padmini Sardesai, Chandrakala Satam Rakesh Kukreti and Vivek Madaan in lead roles. Zuni is a return to your childhood, however old you are. The film is available on YouTube.

2. Kashmakash Her&Now

Produced by HumaraMovie, Kashmakash is helmed by the project ‘Her&Now’, which works towards women’s economic empowerment. Directed by Manav Rath, the film stars Dipannita Sharma in the lead role. The twenty-minute film surfaces the story of protagonist Aarti who struggles to create her own identity by becoming a business owner, for which she is determined to leave her job ad start something of her own with the help of her friend, and the underrated backing of her spouse, which is positively empowering. The film title Kashmaksh, which means confusion or a struggle to choose either side, dives deep into how a family woman goes above and beyond to pursue her dreams among chaos, responsibilities and social norms. The film is available on YouTube.

3. Ritu Goes Online 

This particular short film is based on a true story of a homemaker Ritu Kaushik, who set out to become an entrepreneur. Ritu Goes Online will connect with a lot of women in a whole different way as it’s a moving take on a woman entrepreneur from a small town belonging to the state of Haryana. Directed by Vrinda Samartha, the film speaks volumes about how the dreams of small-town women are often crushed by societal norms and family responsibilities, and why getting out of the shell feels like a huge mountain to climb. The film explores the journey of Ritu, who sets up her online business and aces it by overcoming the patriarchal standard of the society around her, and her internal juggling of the mind and heart. This fifteen-minute film will not only inspire younger women to take charge of their life but also all women, irrespective of age, to understand that if they wish to go forward with their dreams, every day can be a new start and while the journey will be far from easy, their willpower can overcome all the hurdles thrown at them. The film is available on YouTube.

4. Night shift

The makers of this film have brilliantly put together one of this country’s most significant issues in a seven-minute story. By blending the concept of supernatural power and women’s safety, the short film surfaces super relatable issues that the women in our country face when it comes to their safety. The idea is applaud-worthy because it showcases how night shifts are never easy for women beaus of the constant fear they carry with them while commuting from home to work and vice versa. Shedding light on how companies are working towards the safety of their employees by providing safe commutes from their end, the film highlights the internal struggle of working women in metro cities, and what keeps them going despite the brutal cases they hear of from their surroundings.

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