5 Must Watch Ghibli Movies With Strong Female Characters

Studio Ghibli is one of the most well-known and respected animation studios. The 35-year-old studio, frequently referred to as Disney of Japan, has introduced millions of people to the wonders of animation and created some of the highest-grossing films ever made in Japan.

In 1985, Studio Ghibli was founded by the animators and directors Miyazaki Hayao and Takahata Isao and the producer Suzuki Toshio. Studio Ghibli is well known for its artistic ability and the high caliber of its productions. Its feature films were well received by audiences and reviewers, and they influenced other animation studios. The corporate headquarters are in Tokyo.

Ghibli movies have remarkable female characters as a lot of effort goes into creating each character’s backstory, these complex girls frequently have a lasting impression on their audience. The way the personalities of Hayao Miyazaki’s female characters change throughout each film’s narrative is what makes them so endearing. These protagonists struggle to discover themselves sometimes while simultaneously fighting to save the planet. In any event, the travels of these characters are both outrageously entertaining and incredibly relatable.

Ghibli Movies With Strong Female Characters

  1. Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

    Howl’s Moving Castle opens with Sophie, a humble young woman working in a hat shop. She lacks inspiration and self-assurance since she is hesitant to pursue her goals or engage in anything for her own enjoyment. Her life appears to be over as a witch transforms her into an elderly woman, but not before she makes the choice to control her own future. Sophie doesn’t give up; instead, she welcomes the unknown and embarks on a new journey, and through her tenacity, she comes to understand who she really is. Although life might provide us with some difficulties, she serves as a reminder that there is always a way to control our own fate.

  2. San from Princess Mononoke-

    She is about the beauty of nature and what would happen if humanity continues to kill and destroy the forest and its inhabitants out of selfish motives but also contains excellent female characters. San is an impetuous little girl, yet she also passionately guards the people she loves and fights even the most deadly adversaries with courage. Ashitaka, who suffers injuries as a result of an animal assault and embarks on a quest to find a forest deity who can heal him, is the main character of Princess Mononoke. In the course of his explorations, he encounters San and learns that since people have been abusing the planet for far too long, the balance between the human and spirit worlds has been disrupted.

  1. Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery

    In Kiki’s Delivery Service, a motivated Kiki embarks on a brand-new adventure by working as a delivery person for a nearby bakery. This hardly sounds like an exciting job for a witch, but spectators who come to love the young girl may relate to the banality of her hardships. For viewers who battle with similar issues in their daily lives, Kiki’s search for acceptance and meaning will be all too familiar. The struggle the protagonist faces just to get out of bed and go to work takes place in every family. Even while the tale may not be very meaningful, it will nevertheless be affecting viewers who can relate to Kiki’s struggles throughout the movie.

  1. Princess Kaguya from The Tale of Princess Kaguya

    The Japanese myth of the Princess from the Moon served as the inspiration for The Tale of Princess Kaguya. The silken princess, who was born inside a bamboo stalk and was just a few months away from adulthood, quickly rose to fame in the community and ultimately found herself at the center of an inter-celestial conflict. Given her otherworldly origin, which makes her far stronger than her boy classmates and the village troops, Kaguya’s power is unquestionable. Nonetheless, her character has always radiated wonderful persistence, even in the original story. Kaguya boldly demanded impossibly high dowries and commissions from her five suitors, but none of them would be able to win her hand in marriage.

  1. Chihiro from Spirited Away

    The main character of the movie, Chihiro, is first depicted as a spoilt, overly sheltered little girl who is unable to accomplish anything on her own. Yet as the narrative progresses, she changes into a mature and courageous young woman. She assists Haku, Boh, and other spirits in need throughout her adventure at the bathhouse under the guise of Sen. The bold and resolute look on Chihiro’s face shows how tough and powerful she becomes as she resolves to help Haku, who is gravely hurt by the curse.

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