Watched The Elephant Whisperers! Here Are 5 Other Environmental Documentaries

Top 5 Environmental Documentaries
The Elephant Whisperers is one such significant documentary that won the Oscars in 2023. It follows the bone between an orphan baby elephant and a couple. The couple takes great care to ensure the survival and welfare of the baby elephant. This documentary explores the beauty of Tamil Nadu, where the documentary has been shot. It brings forward the peaceful harmony that animals and humans share. The documentary showcases the Indian environment and culture. Netflix featured it in December last year. 

There are several more environmental documentaries that you can watch on Netflix as they deal with issues that trouble the earth. Soil pollution, ice caps melting, marine life declining, forest cover receding, we have enough environmental troubles that challenge us today. Environmental documentaries shed light on many of these topics and propose appropriate solutions for us to apply. Here are 5 environmental documentaries that offer you insight into the environmental challenges that humankind faces today. 

List Of 5 Environmental Documentaries

A Life On The Planet

David Attenborough’s Life On The Planet is a documentary that showcases the abuse faced by the planet today as a result of man polluting it. Attenborough is a historian who takes us through the documentary as the audience grieves the mistakes they make toward the planet. This documentary also teaches how some of the damage done can be restored.

A Plastic Ocean 

This documentary captures the suffering of marine life in a plastic-polluted ocean body. It shows how the plastic pollutants left behind by humans are eaten by marine animals. This later endangers their life. Researchers and Mariners travel globally to propose solutions that can be applied for immediate relief of marine life. This documentary has been shot over twenty locations for four years. 

Kiss The Ground 

This documentary focuses on the soil being the answer to climate change. The documentary shows how repeated use of pesticides and tilling can affect soil health. This further leads to more ecological damage. The documentary places focus on the soil being quintessential for the overall health of the planet. Renewal of ecosystems and combating climate change is possible by regenerating the earth’s soil and using sustainable agricultural methods. 

Chasing Coral 

This is an underwater environment documentary that assesses the health of coral reefs. They have been disappearing due to the rising sea temperature. This loss negatively impacts the biodiversity of oceans. Divers, photographers, and scientists are closely related to coral research. They come up with solutions in the documentary to reverse the loss of coral reefs. 

When Two Worlds Collide  

Released in 2016 on Netflix, this documentary shows clashes that occurred between the police and indigenous protestors in 2009 in Bagua, a town outside Amazon. The state-owned areas of the Amazon rainforests are given away to contractors for work. This not only adversely affects the lifestyle of the indigenous people living there but leads to pollution. Along with environmental pollution, the documentary also offers insight into the lifestyle of indigenous folks.

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