5 Celebrities Who Normalised Breastfeeding In Public

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breastfeeding in public: Whether women should breastfeed in public or not is a debate that has been going for a long time across the world. The stigma that women shouldn’t breastfeed in public actually speaks of people’s disapproval of young mothers refusing to stay put at home after childbirth. But think about it. Should women be made to feel ashamed of performing their basic duty of feeding the baby just because a section of people calls it an intimate act which should be performed behind closed doors only?

A lot of Indian and international female celebrities have challenged these patriarchal norms and tried to normalise the conversation around breastfeeding in public by doing so or by posting pictures on social media. Have a look at the list –

  1. Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao, who recently gave birth to a boy, made an effort to normalise breastfeeding with a social media post. The new mother was photographed breastfeeding her son Veer by her husband RJ Anmol. Later, Anmol took to social media to share the picture calling the act “almost Godly”.

“Amrita feeding Veer is the most beautiful sight for me every day… It’s so surreal, so magical… almost Godly !” he wrote along with the picture.

It’s the toughest duty — all night, all day & she does it with a smile on her face… to see mother & baby bond in a different way… I salute you, I salute my mother & EVERY MOTHER on this planet … 🙏🏼,” Anmol continues. Here’s the Tweet

2. Evelyn Sharma

The actor known for her role in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Yaarian, embraced motherhood in November 2021 by giving birth to a baby girl. She recently shared a photo where she can be seen breastfeeding her baby Ava. In the photo, the daughter can be seen lying close to her mommy. She captioned the post as, “When you thought you finally established a routine and then she starts #clusterfeeding!! #smileforthecamera #thingsnoonewarnsyouabout #mummylife”. In no time, netizens reacted to her post praising her for sharing her motherhood journey with them. Here’s the post.

3. Torah Bright

The Australian professional snowboarder posted a series of images with her son and one of them featured her breastfeeding while doing a handstand. While fans and athletes praised her and were supportive, she received backlash and was criticised as a mother by some.

4. Larissa Waters

Larissa Waters is a Senator from Queensland who became the first person ever to breastfeed in the Australian parliament in May 2017. Waters was attending the session for the first time after giving birth to her second child, a girl. While the voting was going on in the parliament, she brought in her daughter and breastfed her.

5. Gemma Whelan

Game of Thrones’ famous warrior Yara Greyjoy, played by actress Gemma Whelan, was seen proudly breastfeeding at work in costume with full makeup on. She had taken to Instagram in 2019 to post a powerful photo of her breastfeeding her daughter and received a lot of love and praise from her fans for sending out a powerful message.

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