5 Popular Films And Shows Banned For Having Thought-Provoking Content

Throughout media history, several films and tv shows have been banned by film censorship entities on grounds of politics, morality, or contentious material.

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Banned Films And Shows
The film censorship entities have banned or restricted several films and tv shows on the grounds of politics, morality, or contentious material. Sometimes these bans are also used to censor material that can trigger or provoke mass. However,  censorship guidelines differ greatly from nation to nation and can fluctuate over time on account of ethical or political shifts. Recently, Cranberry Sherbet, a Turkish show was banned over problematic address to domestic violence.

Whenever a film or show portrays something that shows mirror to society, it doesn't go well down with. There are many shows like Cranberry Sherbet, which were banned for having thought-provoking content.

5 Popular Banned Films And Shows:

1. Cranberry Sherbet (2022)

Turkey's media watchdog RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council) has blocked the broadcast of the famous series Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet in English) for five weeks. On April 14, the regulatory body overseeing the media instructed the television channel to broadcast a documentary addressing Islamophobia in lieu of this program.

The focal point of the television series revolves around two families with disparate lifestyles and the obstacles they encounter while attempting to bridge the gap between their differences. The program portrays the hardship that ensues when the offspring of irreligious and traditional families choose to wed and collide over their contrasting convictions. The focus of the plot revolves around the challenges faced by a secular family in accommodating to the Islamic mode of socialization, particularly the use of alcohol.

The actors from the television series took to social media to voice their opinion against the ban of the show. They argued that the scene depicting violence against the female character was a reflection of the social realities of today's world.


2. Lightyear (2022)

The film Lightyear, a derivative of Toy Story, has become a source of controversy in several countries in Asia and the Middle East due to the presence of a same-sex kissing scene. The film has been prohibited from being screened in more than twelve countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Kuwait.

In one particular scene, Alisha, a space ranger who knows Buzz, is seen kissing her partner. Initially, Disney had removed the scene due to apparent demands to cut out any display of "overtly gay" affection in its family and kids' movies. However, after employees at Pixar released an open letter criticizing the company's censorship, the scene was reinstated.

3. Anthem for Kashmir (2022)

Sandeep Ravindranath, a popular documentary filmmaker, created a short film called Anthem for Kashmir, which highlights the human rights violations that occur in the Kashmir Valley. However, YouTube has banned the film in India due to a legal complaint from the Indian Government. The ban by the video-streaming platform prevents viewership of the film in India.

The documentary captures the story of a young political activist who is on the run from the government. It was filmed in North Kashmir and highlights the issues of widowhood, forced disappearances, and military oppression with the addition of a Tamil protest rock track.


Ravindranath has been notified by the YouTube Legal Support Team that the documentary he posted had been blocked in India due to a request for examination from the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeITY). The video is no longer accessible in the country due to a legal complaint from the government.

4. Onward (2020)

The family-oriented film, Onward, produced by Pixar, has been banned in a few Middle Eastern countries due to containing a short reference to a lesbian relationship in the story.

The film involves a magical world where two teenage elf brothers set out on a journey to find and use magic. Within the plot, there is a brief mention of a non-heterosexual relationship between two minor characters that has generated controversy in some countries.

Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have enforced a prohibition on the film owing to its reference. Russia, known for censoring or banning LGBTQ content, altered the term "girlfriend" to "partner" in the scene.

5. The Modi Question (2023)


The Modi Question is a documentary series comprising of two parts that shows the political ascent of Prime Minister Narendra Modi within the Bharatiya Janata Party while he served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The series also explores his relationship with the Muslim community in India.

The documentary was banned by the Indian Government due to its portrayal as "hostile propaganda and anti-India garbage," and users were requested to remove any clip or shot of the documentary that were shared on social media platforms.

The BBC defended their documentary stating that it was thoroughly researched and featured diverse perspectives, including those from members of Modi's political party. Despite the ban, several student organizations organized showings in different regions of the country. Critics, including opposition politicians and human rights groups, condemned the ban as censorship and an attack on the freedom of the press.

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