Gen Z And Festivals - A Cultural Renewal: Creators Give Us Insights

Gen Z's rising interest in Indian festivals can be attributed to their exposure to diverse cultures, impact of social media, and their inherent openness to new experiences. SheThePeople spoke with Gen Z creators who actively partake in these festivities.

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Gen Zs celebration Indian festivals

Whether it's Holi, Deepawali, Navratri, or any Indian festival, we've noticed a surge in participation, especially among young people who were once seen as not very connected to cultural celebrations.


I've personally witnessed this transformation within my circle of friends. We've evolved from just wanting to wear a saree at college events to embracing ethnic days at our workplaces and wholeheartedly celebrating every festival. As a Gen Zer myself, I wasn't initially as involved in these festivals, and for me, it was a more intimate affair, new clothes, good food, and close family. However, something has shifted among all of us Gen Zers in recent years, and it's had an impact on me as well.

This increased interest in Indian festivals among Gen Z can be attributed to their exposure to diverse cultures, the impact of social media, and their inherent curiosity and openness to new experiences. Hence, Gen Z members are adding their contemporary touch to these traditional festivals while exploring their faith from a fresh perspective.

Yet, there are still many who wonder about the newfound enthusiasm of Gen Z when it comes to celebrating Indian festivals. To unravel the answer, SheThePeople engaged in conversations with Gen Z creators who actively partake in these festivities, injecting a breath of fresh air into age-old traditions.

Gen Z's Celebration of Indian Festivals

Taneesha Mirwani, a GenZ Digital Content Creator shares, "Gen Z, a generation known for its strong opinions and sensitivity, places significant importance on diversity, both in India and worldwide. They're actively embracing various cultures and heritage, fostering a sense of appreciation for their own unique identities."

Mirwani adds how she believes unfortunately for millennials and the generations before, a big part of modernisation was influenced by the Western world and there was less representation of Indian culture. She says, "Today, GenZs want to bridge the gap between modernisation and cultural presence and participate as much as possible. Indian festivals have always been the biggest celebrations, they have always had a lot of dancing, dressing up, music and an abundance of food, and what better generation to bring back that passion if not for GenZs?"


Gen Z takes joy in sharing their passions, with culture being a key aspect they're eager to showcase and share with a wider audience.

Taneesha Mirwani

Aastha Shah, a fellow Gen Z Digital Content Creator, highlights how Gen Z's passion for festivals has grown, fueled by a love for expressing themselves through diverse and fashionable styles. She notes. "Earlier, styles were very inclined to basic lehenga and kurtis but now it’s way more different. Also, I feel they like celebrating festivals in different ways, for instance by having themed parties etc."

Gen Z takes inspiration from content creators who share creative festive content, influencing their celebration and dressing styles.

Tarini Shah, another Gen Z Digital Content Creator, reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic led many in her generation to spend more time at home, closer to their families and cultural roots during festivals. This experience has transformed the way Gen Z views festivities.

For Shah, "Festivities hold special importance in my heart, it’s the beam of love and light whenever the world feels a little darker. Festivities are a ray of hope and now celebrating it comes more naturally than ever."


 Celebrating festivities keeps Gen Zs feel connected to their roots no matter where they are in the world and reminds them of home.

Leisha Patidar, a digital content creator, underscores the joy and enthusiasm that festivals bring, traits that are synonymous with her generation. She emphasises that the prospect of celebrating diverse traditions, dressing up, and reuniting with loved ones is what ignites the excitement of the younger generation. She expresses her passion for celebrating Indian festivals with her family and friends, where they also craft their unique traditions. The vibrant atmosphere and scrumptious food further enhance the energy and appeal of these celebrations.

 Leisha Patidar


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