Annoying Things Single Women Have To Deal With

It is not easy being a single woman in a society which expects you to be married at a certain age and hence, "be settled." Here are some annoying things single women have to deal with.

Serchen Chokyi
Feb 02, 2022 17:14 IST
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With Valentine’s day approaching the winter season, couples have never been more excited or had more reason to celebrate during the Covid season. But what about single women? Here are annoying things every single woman has to deal with because for some reason people think women will be 'alone' on this day if they don't have a partner!

Have you thought about online dating?

A question asked to almost every single woman with a variety of options being displayed to them like OkCupid, Bumble, Tinder, or even Hook Up! It comes as a shock to most people that maybe online dating never crossed single women’s minds. They believe it is the perfect way to find love. Truly the only question looming on single women’s minds is that “How much more ‘out there are we supposed to get?!”

I can’t believe you’re single because you’re truly a catch


Although this statement stems from a good place, it is surely very frustrating to hear. Instead of making people feel better, it often makes them feel worse as if people out there truly do not appreciate who they are. The statement is obviously not an ill statement but it sounds like a way of stating that “being a catch” equals being in a relationship. This does not acknowledge the ladies who have actually worked hard to be “a catch”, but are also equally happy and satisfied about being amazing as well as single.

I miss being single! I consider you lucky!

Many people who are in healthy relationships often go around saying this just to make single women feel better about themselves but this sounds very dishonest and not from a decent place.  


Why are you still single?

As simple as this sounds, the question is a very weird one of sorts. Most single women do not choose to be single and have no idea why they are single. They’ve just not found the right one! Whereas, many women are single and choose to be so due to various reasons of their own. No one should be forced to be in a relationship.

You will find someone when you least expect it


Most single women do not necessarily need to be coaxed with buttery words or feel-good words. They trust the process and believe that things will work themselves out if they need to. It sounds satirical in many ways that single women will find someone when they least expect it when they’re binge-watching shows alone in an enclosed room? This may or may not be the case.

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Stop being so picky!

Why are women told not to be picky? If they wish to spend time being in a committed relationship, it only makes sense for them to be picky and find the right one for themselves.


I know someone I can set you up with

Many people try to be helpful by stating this but not all single women want to be “set up with someone you know”! People also often state that there are “plenty of fish in the sea” as if women were not already aware of that. Single women are independent beings and capable of finding someone for themselves or staying single if they wish to.

I believe you’re not going to have kids then?


This question is a really badly constructed one and should not be asked to single women because there are many ways how women can have kids and give them a perfect home with or without a spouse.

But when are you thinking of actually settling down?

Many people find it hard to believe that women who are single have settled down in life. It baffles them to the point where they go around asking single women about “when they are actually settling down”. All women who achieve the best and do well for themselves are settled, whether they’re single or not.



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