SheThePeople Book Club With Natasha Badhwar on Sept 20th

Welcome to the SheThePeople BOOK CLUB. We are delighted to host Natasha Badhwar, columnist and author on her new book My Daughter’s Mum. 5 pm, at No Where Pub in Gurgaon on 20th September.

My Daughters’ Mum—a first in a series of two essay collections—covers a range of essential subjects, from parenting and marriage, to faith and selfhood.

Knitting together a popular column in Mint Lounge, new writing and priceless handcrafted dialogues, Natasha describes her journey as the mother of three young daughters; as the wife of a man from a religious background unlike her own; and as an individual with dreams detached from the roles of wife and mother—here’s a wanderer, a feminist, a workplace goer.