Woman Cop Transferred To Home Base After She Takes Baby To Work

woman cop transferred home base

A woman constable took her baby daughter to work, unaware of the impact it would create. As a picture of the six-month old sleeping on a desk where the mom was busy at work went viral, it compelled the state police to sit up and explore the possibility of having a creche at every police line.

Constable Archana Jayant, 30, was working on the reception desk at Jhansi’s Kotwali police station with her sleeping baby next to her. A day after the picture went viral, UP DGP Om Prakash Singh on Sunday confirmed her transfer to Agra, her native place.

Referring to the hard-working constable, he said Archana is the “quintessential 21st century woman”, and should have every benefit of raising a baby who gets all support from her parents

“When I saw the image and read the story, I spoke to the Inspector General (IG) Jhansi, who has rewarded the constable with Rs 1,000 in cash. I got to know that she is very hard-working. Despite the fact that she has a newborn, she did not take childcare leave. She opted to go on duty. When I spoke to her, she said the only problem she is facing is that she does not have family support,” DGP Singh told The Indian Express.

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Archana has been posted in Jhansi since 2016. While her elder daughter stays with her in-laws in Kanpur, because of her call of duty, she is raising her infant in Jhansi on her own, away from parents and husband.

“Her family is in Agra and her in-laws are in Kanpur. Her husband works for a private company in Gurgaon. She cannot be posted to Kanpur (officially her home district after marriage) as we do not post constables in their home district. She said she would be grateful if she could be posted in Agra and I immediately ordered for her transfer there so she can get her family’s support,” he added.

Asked about the responsibilities and how she manages to keep up with them, Archana said, “I haven’t met my parents and husband in a long time and now my Diwali will be with them. I will also bring my elder daughter Kanak (10) to Agra. I did face some problems in Jhansi, but received great support from my colleagues.”

DGP OP Singh told TOI that the story has prompted him to look into the possibilities of opening crèches at the police lines in every district to cater to the needs of women cops. “The idea behind reaching out to this lady constable and then issuing directives to shift her to a district of her choice where she can take care of her daughter and duty with equal dedication was only to reassure the UP police force that we are a family,” the state police chief said.

Kudos to this super mom!

Feature Image Credit: Indian Express

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