What Is Black Fungus In COVID-19 Patients? Here's All You Need To Know

In the second wave of COVID-19, another rare but serious infection called Mucormycosis or Black Fungus has been found rising in some COVID patients.

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Black Fungus in COVID-19 Patients: In the second wave of the pandemic, another rare but serious infection called Mucormycisis or Black Fungus has been found rising in some COVID-19 patients.

Doctors have said that many COVID-19 patients have been infected with Black Fungus in the second wave as compared to the first wave. Though the disease is not new, it has created more trouble for the already worn out and exhausted doctors. Symptoms of the infection depend on where the infection has occurred. Mucormycosis is contracted through contact with fungal spores in the environment. It cannot from person to person or from people to animals.

Dr Manish Munjal, a senior ENT surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi said that these cases are starting to be seen again in COVID-19 patients. “In the last two days, we have admitted six cases of Mucormycosis,” he said.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Black Fungus In COVID-19 Patients

  • Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is a fungal infection caused by moulds that exist in groups. These moulds are called mucormycetes and are naturally present in the environment.
  • The mucormycete moulds mostly affect people with health problems and have been taking medicines that lower the body’s level of immunity to fight sickness and germs.
  • The fungus commonly enters the body through inhalation and continues to affect the lungs. This infection has also caused high mortality in COVID-19 patients. Some patients have also suffered from loss of eyesight and had removal of nose and jaw bone because of Black Fungus.
  • Not all COVID-19 patients are exposed to Black Fungus. Patients with weak immunity and those who have comorbidities like diabetes, cancer, or kidney problems are said to be more prone to this infection.
  • The use of steroids could be one reason for this deadly fungal infection.
  • Symptoms of Blank Fungus include numbness, nose obstruction, swelling in the eyes or cheeks, and black crusts in the nose.
  • Doctors advised that COVID-19 patients who have experienced the common symptoms should immediately prompt a biopsy and start antifungal therapy as early as possible.
  • Black fungus is not a new infection. It has been a cause of death of immunodeficient patients in transplants and ICUs for a long time.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions in the article are for general information. It should not be construed as professional medical advice. 

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