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Do You Have Clutter? And I’m Not Just Talking About Materialistic Load

Declutter Mind And Heart
Before you even attempt to answer that question, let me remind you of the monomaniacal zeal and almost compulsive desire which propels you to collect shopping bags, food containers, towels, toiletries, and stationery.

We have different dinnerware, and tea sets and every household has storage space, we have servery counters and we keep blankets and suitcases packed with clothes in the bed boxes. Our indefatigable need to have more is such that our kitchen falls prey to the monopolistic mania of loading shelves with utensils which are waiting for their turn to be used in the mists of time.

If the seismic eruption of guilt is building up on the surface, let me remind you to sneak peek in the closet and a quick stock take of the handbags, shoes, and fashion accessories not to mention the bifurcation in the clothes department and that can surely let you explode like a volcano.


We have material which is important to the dynastic succession, it has sentimental value and an endless list of things which can be used in “what if” kind of life situations. “What if” I get pregnant again? “What if” I reduce weight? “What if” I have more guests than I’m equipped to handle? “What if” I plan to renovate my house? “What if” I relocated?

Before I delve straight into the heart of the matter, “What if” I ask you to look into the charming possessions that still warm the cockles of your heart and ask you, when was the last time you actually used stuff, you have been hoarding all this while?

Your feisty defence can effectively blur the lines between love for things and the logic behind buying them. When it comes to buying stuff, there is a runaway chain reaction and it has resulted in more fission than we can handle. Blue quarter plates should be supported with blue bowls and here we add one more to the already existing stock.

“Do I need this?” is a question that sounds too harsh, too stone-hearted and too unfeeling. The answer to which obviously flies in the face of logic. The ubiquity of having more can be seen in every corner of the house.

Mankind and the unquenchable desire to buy more, have more, and be more is a mark of civilisation and evolution is questioned by the spirit of Zen. The Japanese concept of decluttering and organising space is gaining momentum in the world of consumerism. According to it, less is more. If you put the space in order then it correspondingly causes dramatic changes in your lifestyle and perspective. Only a lifestyle of simplicity can lead to a peaceful life as there’s a significant relationship between mind, body and space and for them to move in harmony we have to ‘let go’ the clutter.

If we take a closer look, clutter is nothing but delayed decisions.

The best-selling author and world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo is dedicated to inspiring the world to choose joy with the KonMari Method. In the KonMari Method, they tie five categories in a specific order. First, is clothing. Next book, then Paper, and Komono include the kitchen, bathroom, garage and everything miscellaneous. The last and most noteworthy category is sentimental items.

If we take a closer look, clutter is nothing but delayed decisions. The price we pay for delayed decisions is mental and physical fatigue. Clutter can be situational or self-imposed. The situation can be about illness, or the arrival of the newborn baby whereas everything else is self-imposed be it a ‘buy one get one ’kind of marketing trap or the piles of paper which were once important.

Clutter breeds clutter and that’s why it is important that we change our relationship with clutter. Focus on the ripple effect of downsizing and feel the surge of relief and elation in giving away. Practice decluttering indiscriminately and unhesitatingly on everything and anything. Keep an owl-like watch on online shopping because that’s the biggest culprit as clutter is just a click away. Once you add items to the cart, reassess the need after some time. The most difficult to give away is the stuff that holds sentimental value. The only solace in giving away that stuff is that it is being used by someone.

We fill our houses; we fill our minds and we fill our hearts and then we wonder what is weighing so heavy on us. The more perpetuates the overwhelm. Pick up one thing and start today.

1) Physical Clutter: Closets that are overflowing. Clean
2) Digital clutter: Videos, images, and emails you have never looked into. Delete forever.
3) Mental Clutter: Fears and anticipation of what can go wrong. Delete
4) Emotional Clutter: Following patterns, bad relationships, toxic people. Break the pattern. Close the door.
5) Spiritual clutter: Forgive to let go.

Emotional and spiritual can be subtle yet most paralyzing. Time to salve the conscience and declutter your space to declutter your mind. Breathe easy. Let it go. With a dash of self-deprecating humour and parenthesis echo of self-criticism, I’m being reminded that I don’t need a new fancy bag, earth-shattering damning as it may sound but I don’t need it.

“Do you have clutter?” isn’t entirely quixotic.

Attempt to answer and execute it now.

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