Feeling Spent? Here’s A Light-Hearted Reading List To Lift Your Mood

Amidst the crisis, here are some books that might help you brighten up your mood.

Jessica Vanlalfaki
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Reading List To Lift Your Mood: It’s hard to remain optimistic when the whole world is battling a pandemic. Routines are monotonous and every day seems to be no less different than the other. But we’ve often heard of the saying, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. So amidst the crisis, here are some books that might help you brighten up your mood.


Here’s a fun and light-hearted reading list to lift your mood

Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe is a coming of age story about two boys. One named after the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, and the other named after the Italian philosopher and poet, Dante.

Written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, the book became a fan favourite soon after its release because of the engaging plot. When a new kid Dante who has a quirky way of looking at life meets Aristotle who is always conflicted because of some undiscovered truths in his life, the duo goes on their own little journey to discover many things together.

Cinderella Is Dead

This is an astonishingly good take on the original story of Cinderella that differs from the story we were told when we were kids. It addresses the sexism from the original tale and changes the viewpoint. The book can be inspirational for readers of all ages and genders who are familiar with the original Cinderella story. Written by Kalynn Baron, Cinderella Is Dead is also nominated for several book awards.


Today Tonight Tomorrow

Today Tonight Tomorrow is written by Rachel Lynn Solomon. The story follows two high school seniors who spend their whole time hating each other. The night they team up for a game is what changes everything in the course of their friendship for them. Following the enemies to lovers trope, this book is a sweet, funny, and light-hearted read.

Tweet Cute: A Novel

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is a nice reinvention of the rom-com genre. The author is able to deliver realistic elements and settings of real life to her readers. Everything from family pressures, humour, memes, the impact of social media, and the whole concept of growing up are all in this novel.

Woven In Moonlight

The book by Isabel Ibanez has a touch of magic, fantasy, romance, and history. With a modern-day story set in an ancient world, the combination of fantasy and history merges perfectly in this fictional novel. Woven In Moonlight is also one of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Fantasy Books Of All Time.


Love, Creekwood

Serving as an epilogue to the hit novels Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda and Leah On the Offbeat, author Becky Albertalli came up with Love, Creekwood. Popularly known as the Simon universe or the Simonverse, Love Creekwood follows Albertalli's tradition of mingling teen characters in their lives and relationships. Anonymous online flirtations? Senior proms? Emails? You can find them all in Love, Creekwood.


Jenny Spinelli did an amazing job in Stargirl by writing about non-conformity and not being afraid to be different in a world where you're always judged for one thing or the other. Stargirl celebrates individuality and the challenges that a person goes through for being unlike others. The novel tells the emotional and funny life story of a girl who joins a new school, who hopes for true love.

A Mango Shaped Space

A Mango Shaped Space will make you nervous at times and also cry because it's so cute at other times. Wendy Mass in this novel writes about the struggle of a girl who grew up with synesthesia. While her classmates do not know about her condition and she wants it to remain that way, certain circumstances make it hard for her to keep the secret to herself. A Mango Shaped Space is an imaginative and fun-to-read novel that also leaves a message of accepting every part of yourself.

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