The women's internet will flourish if safety and privacy tools are in place

Himadri Solanki
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Safer internet women, Indore minor boy kills

Whether you run a corner office, are a consultant, are a freelancer or a policy specialist - you are part of the internet at all times. Today we live in an exciting time where ideas and innovation are moving at a fast pace thanks to the internet. They are location, age, region agnostic. No country is the country of dreams any more. Everywhere there is a tremendous opportunity globally for people to collaboration and communities to work together. At the center of this is using the internet to bring down the gender gap. The women's internet. I believe all of these are connected ideas - innovation and internet - use of tech to solve - fixing the gender gap.


The growth of the mobile phone to holds promise for good. People are thinking that wifi is as important as food and living. Because it screams opportunity to us. As of June 2017, 51% of the world's population has internet access. As per one data set, India has 418 million Internet users from a population of 1.3billion (as on Dec 2017). There are 143 million women users and that's about 30% of total internet users. In female internet user 9.66%  growth in internet in urban India and 14.11%growth in internet user in rural India. These numbers should speak to us. There is an opportunity for us to grow these numbers. What's key for that?:

  1. Safety on the internet is critical to increase number of women online
  2. We need to increase dialogue on safety among women and have more conversations, counter speech, trainings and better understanding of tools
  3. Fear is not the answer. Our society forces women to think of the internet as one that's 'unsafe' but that is not the correct approach. We need to show them how access to data is opportunity. Both in urban and in rural India. We need more conversations on the women's internet.

Social media business allows users to open a wider market as there are many people use these media and customer can learn about many things , including new business strategies and skills. It is very useful for women. Women can earn from home. They can connect with social world, feel proud of oneself, financial independence, and bring on self improvement if they'd like.

If users across the world have been able to join the global workforce - in a fixed or freelance way - the community is today seeing amazing convergence. From global financial centres to remote villages in India, where business transactions are happening on WhatsApp and payment gateways. Where learning is on YouTube and other open methods.  There’s no dearth of examples that illustrate the Internet’s impact.

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