Why Investing And Saving Are Important For A Woman Entrepreneur

Swati Sinha
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Six Financial Planning Tips

Before I get into the details of my reasons for better savings by an entrepreneur, I must share that although I have got the genes of an entrepreneur I couldn’t muster the courage of being one. I chose the middle path of being self-employed. There is a thin line between a self-employed and an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur generates employment opportunities in the society, while the former takes up assignments and projects single-handedly.


By virtue of being born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, I could see the respect in the eyes of all my dad’s employees whom he considered as one big family. And the bigger the family, savings needs to be accordingly to cater to exigencies.

For many, the word entrepreneur means being the master of their own lives. Well, that holds true! But what we often ignore is the humongous responsibility that comes along, as a package deal. Amongst other responsibilities, the major one is the financial which seldom takes a back seat. An entrepreneur never compromises with product or service quality and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his team meets its target. Poor financial management has been one of the top reasons for their failure.

An entrepreneur never compromises with product or service quality and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his team meets its target.

A Healthy Habit

Good health and good finances go hand in hand. If you’re making, saving a habit, it’s going to help you in the long run irrespective of your profession. Be frugal in your spend, use organic resources, cut the fat expenses on office space, and spend money where it matters.

A Positive Sign


Your savings and investments have a positive impact on stakeholders as well as investors. What they look for in your venture apart from other things are the processes and your mindset. Savings is a reflection of good intent.

Saving for a rainy day

Saving money now pays back later. It ensures that you have a fallback option when you are down and out. For an entrepreneur, equity is more expensive and comes with a rider to take away profits. With smart saving decisions, you can buy out those equities. You are also free to start another business.

The word of mouth

A positive take on savings sets the tone for a saving culture in the organisation and this mindset passes on in their business decisions.

Retirement Plan


Many argue the fact that entrepreneurs need to save more to plan their retirement better.

 Swati Sinha is an Independent HR Consultant from Indore. The views expressed are the author's own.

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