Winter Dryness: Seven Things To Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Winter Dryness, Skin Collagen Supplements

Harsh winter weather can cause skin problems as the freezing temperatures and dry air drains the natural moisture from the skin. But with the right skin routine and a few essential changes to your habits you can keep your skin smooth.

Here is what you need to keep in mind.

1. Don’t take hot showers

Too much hot water creates increased drying of the skin. The natural hydration of the skin is lost. To make your shower more moisturising, switch to body cleansing oils with fatty acid-rich soybean oil. They boost and the preserve skin’s moisture barrier.

2. Use a thicker moisturiser

Choose a cream that’s creamier than the moisturiser you use during the summer. One can also use balms and lubricants with silicone, petrolatum, lanolin and natural oils. A soft towel can be used so that it does not dry the skin.

Layering moisturiser with a hydrating serum packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerin can help improve the skin.

3. Moisturise multiple times a day

It’s essential to use moisturiser in the morning and before one sleeps. Starting with your face, it can function in a similar way as a night cream for your face does.

This will keep the skin soft and keep the moisture intact.

4. Wash your face less frequently

During winters, don’t use face wash as much. The kind of cleanser you are using also matters. Foaming and gel-based face washes can keep the skin clean. Choose a softer cleansing oil or a Micellar water cleanser. It is less likely to hold the harsh surfactants.

For dehydrated skin, try a cleansing balm, which is creamy and has a waterless formula like shea butter and oils that soften skin as they purify and act as a makeup remover.

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5. Exfoliate in moderation

If you notice shedding or redness when you exfoliate, switch to a gentler face peel formula with lactic acid with jojoba beans. Steer free of more potent acids like glycolic acid and exfoliants like sugar and salt.

Swap more harsh cleansing tools like scratchy loofahs, sponges, or body brushes for more delicate washcloths.

6. Humidify your home

The heat that keeps you warm at your place is also arid. And the windows remain closed which makes it stays confined. Use a humidifier to add mist back into the air.

7. Stay hydrated

Proper hydration is directly linked to skin cell renewal. Try to sip eight glasses of water. Drink lesser amounts of sugary refreshments. Fruit juices with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners can also be chosen. Unless your body is dehydrated, drinking more water than you require won’t improve moisture in your skin.

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Saumya Rastogi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV