Why I’m thanking Shoojit Sircar and my parents – Pink for me is a reality check

Pink movie review.

I’m typing this down with tears rolling down my face. No, seriously. I can taste salt in my mouth. Why does the society think that a woman’s world lies in her vagina? Want to ruin her? Attack vagina. Want to humiliate her? Attack vagina. Want to question her character? Attack vagina.

Shoojit Sircar produced Pink is the naked reality of a literate society. Yes. Where these literate, dumbwits make up their own definition of a sanskaari girl and a girl without character. Prostitute, slut, whore, bitch…just one of the few words that come out while describing girls who will be a rebel because they do not conform to your boxed mentality. No no, please. Don’t cringe while reading this just yet, I have a lot more to say.

Pink movie review.

Pink the film

Established thinking of the society

This movie is needed today to encourage more dialogue, to show everyone a mirror. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a lawyer who defends the 3 accused girls of asking money for sex and attempting murder on a minister’s nephew (who by the way, forced himself on one of the girls, played by Taapsee Pannu).

Along the movie you see and realise the false and shallow brackets and definitions used to portray these girls and their characters. She smiles and is friendly, therefore will be ready for more. She wears short skirt and goes to a rock concert, oh my god, she is definitely signaling me to have sex. SHE JUST POURED HERSELF A DRINK IN FRONT OF ME! That’s it, pants down lady. These are the things that justify a woman from getting molested.

What is new in this? Nothing, of course. We’ve witnessed the nirbhaya case, we’ve witnessed many other rape cases that have followed post the tragedy and the conversation is still stuck on the woman “provoking” a man to force himself on her.

I think this is where the difference between education and literacy is shown. Just learning how to read and write does not develop your brain to distinct between right and wrong. I’m sorry, but A plus B is not always C unless it’s a math equation. An individual needs to know beyond that, understanding that in a social situation there are other attributes that add to consequences.

Oops, hurt your ego

One of the scenes in the movie is where Taapsee Pannu is forcefully taken into a van and molested till she begs and pleads the perpetrators to leave her alone. Her fault? When a threatening call was made to her by the same perpetrators, she refused to give in to fear. Of course, a man’s ego is his only prized possession and therefore showing force and seeking validation that benchmarks superiority is what men want. (Not generalising, of course)

What have I learnt?

Watching this film only made me realise that I need to thank my parents again. Why? Because they raised me to be an individual who does not need to put myself in a box of definition. I’m raised to know that my dressing does not portray any lack of character. I’m raised to know that if I’m right, I should stand up and keep my ground, but I’m also raised to know when to let go of a battle. I’m bold, I’m independent…. I’m also dependent, but it’s okay, because we all need one another. It’s okay if I’m living in another city and have male friends who take care of me. Does it make me any less of a woman? Of course not. This film is not for me to know yet another time how the society has failed in protecting me, because I face that every day. This is a film for men, parents, neighbours, lawyers, ministers who give out random statements to know what their thinking and action can lead to.

When can we learn that schools can only teach you so much. What you learn is what you see around you. We’ve evolved to being a civilisation, haven’t we? We prosper and develop by each other’s support. Is this really what we’re doing? What’s the point of living in a hypocrite society that only gives you false hopes?