We are using the internet all the time just as much we wonder how safe is that space. The stock of knowledge is one thing but it’s ability to connect us quite another. We need some basic hygiene in place as we use the internet to leverage opportunity. Let’s look at some real world issues we see online.

  • Virality of messaging: In social media many times messages pertaining to suicide, death go viral. These may land up with people who are not in the right frame of mind. We shouldn’t ignore these but report such messages. Sending a hateful message, or those that spread lies and make nasty comments on their social networking sites should also be reported.

Authentication methods must be checked for your credit card payments each month.

  • Gambling: To me, one much be vary of gambling sites or those than entice you to spend online for lotteries. They are traps. Sometimes for money, and sometimes they psychologically take over you. One has to steer clear of these. Authentication methods must be checked for your credit card payments each month.

Why a safer internet is key to opportunities for women

  • Photos online: Increasingly people are becoming vary of putting up personal pictures. One has to make the choice carefully. Having said that, not putting up pictures because others have an issue isn’t a good enough reason. We should not have to curb our desire to put out pictures or be present in our communities. We have to use the internet carefully.
  • Safety Software: Technology can help in making a safer internet. While we all must exercise our ability to block and alert others of suspicious activities, we must also be aware of settings that ensure abusive content is blocked and privacy checks are in place.
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