She Walks, She Leads is a collection of stories of 24 women who have worked their way up to success through determination and perseverance. Author Gunjan Jain talked about women empowerment and how they are taking over new roles. Nita Ambani, who hosted the evening said “we women have the power to change. To think that women don’t get opportunities to work in some areas is unequal, unjust and unfair and we must strive to change that.”

The evening’s Chief Guest was Shah Rukh Khan, who joined Nita Ambani and Gunjan Jain on the stage for the unveiling of the book. Shah Rukh Khan recited a beautiful poem at the occasion while adding that “They (women) have helped me achieve 100% of what I am today. I wouldn’t be half a man without these women. I owe my life to them.”

An excerpt from the poem reads:

“The girls who scream and cry,
Into their pillows and tell them their goals,
For girls who have a secret,
But can’t tell a soul.
Let your eyes be your diamond,
Make them your pearls,
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.”

CNBC TV18 anchor, Shereen Bhan was also present at the event to moderate a panel discussion on women empowerment and equality in the workspace. When asked about equality in relationship, Adi Godrej took to humour to respond, “There is definitely no equality at home. She calls the shot!”

At the workplace, Godrej is making news for its 50:50 ratio when it comes to men and women employees, and the Piramal group says it’s striving to change their policies that are more flexible and workable not just for women but for men also.

“There is no gender discrimination in our organization and we believe women understand consumer behavior very well”, says Adi Godrej.

Suhel Seth, a well-known said, “Women definitely make better leaders than men”. He explained further, “they (women) don’t have huge egos. They are considerate and genuine. And thirdly, their ability to be attentive to details.”