Why I'm Waiting For Season 2 Of Four More Shots Please!

For me, the characters and the situations in their life keep the interest going as somewhere I have also faced a similar situation in my life.

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Four More Shots Please! is an Indian web television series on Amazon Prime. What makes it special is these four unapologetic women have their own way to deal with the world. This web series directed by Anu Menon depicts the story of four friends who frequent a bar. They come from different backgrounds but somehow connect and stand by each other in times of distress. They have problems in their lives but they still empower each other. The women in the series struggle and make a mark in a world where women are not treated with respect and can hardly do things according to their liking.


I am eagerly waiting for its second season which premieres on April 17 because in these four characters I find parts of myself. When I watch the show I get the strength that despite the odds I can also do what I want to. For me, the characters and the situations in their life keep the interest going as somewhere I have also faced a similar situation in my life. And the character with whom I connect the most is Sidhi Patel because of the way she is always asked to reduce her weight.

The top 5 moments which got audience eyes in the first season of Four More Shots Please!

First will be when Umang stood up for her gender in front of her family and confronted the fact that she is bisexual. And she is absolutely not ashamed of her identity and her love life. In the show, Umang Singh is a Punjabi PT teacher from Ludhiana and a bisexual person who constantly tries to recuperate from the pangs of a breaking up.

The second was when¬†Damini Roy¬†returned her award for best journalist which she has got the fourth time in a row. And later on, when she came to Jay to confess her feelings she found his ex there and she got stunned seeing that and felt betrayed. Damini is also a start-up founder who wins the‚Äúfearless journalist‚ÄĚ awards four times in a row despite the board, posing hindrances for her but is never stable in her¬†personal¬†life.

The third was when Anjana over speeds to reach the hospital because her daughter was suffering from a high fever and being a mother she can't see her child suffering. Later on, when she cries for being separated from her daughter. Anjana Menon is a successful lawyer and a single mother who constantly tries to get over her estranged husband's romance with Kavya and ends up getting jailed because of drinking and driving while taking her sick daughter to the hospital.

Last but not least is Sidhi Patel, who teaches us the importance of self-love. And just when she thought that everything is sorted in her life comes the twist and she loses the love of her life. Sidhi Patel is a very bubbly 23-year-old virgin, who tries to find out the true meaning of love under the constant interference of her overcritical mother Sneha. But somehow manages to live her life the way she wants.


Four More Shots Please! stars Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J, Maanvi Gagroo in the lead roles. 

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