Using social to get to a position of Strength: Jincy’s story

Women and the start-up risk

Today, the world is seeing a shift towards female entrepreneurship. It’s interesting to note some statistics – In a recent study, the Global Entrepreneurialism Report conducted by BNP Paribas bank, has ranked India on top for the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs! The survey found that 49% of the entrepreneurs in India were women. India performed better than Hong Kong and France!

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We are seeing a formerly non traditional path becoming well traveled and smoother now. So what is causing this change? While there could be several factors, one key point to be noted is definitely the rise of the Internet saga that has helped break down geographical barriers and has gotten people together for a cause. We’ve seen the mobile revolution in India. Today women entrepreneurs have the liberty to source experience and advice from across the globe, connect with people at an international level, use social media to convey their messages and all of this is helping her grow her network and become so very powerful!

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I was working with BPO’s for most part of my life in various management roles. But, I had always wanted to do something different. Something that I can call my own. Wanted to be my own boss and call the shots, being able to take decisions (mostly on gut feel!) and most importantly, try and lead a balanced work life.

And… Coinsecure happened! We started with the motto of “Connecting India to Bitcoin” and are focused on Building the Bitcoin and Blockchain eco-system for India. So what does this mean and how are we doing this? We have an array of services ranging from the exchange, where people can buy and sell Bitcoin for INR to a wallet where Bitcoin can be stored in a an easy, safe and secure fashion and a host of other offerings. While we are actively involved in conducting meet-ups, events and workshops across India, social media has definitely given us an advantage that we would not have had otherwise. Today, if Coinsecure is well known in the International Bitcoin space, we owe a part of it to social media 🙂

Honestly, I wasn’t into using social media when I started. But over a period of time, I saw the difference a tweet could bring about, the power of a well written blog and what the various social media platforms could do! That’s when I decided to give it a go. I’m happy I did 🙂

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and many more platforms that are available out there, one can now voice out their thoughts and opinions, help gather momentum and traction and help evolve their business in ways that could not have been possible otherwise.

It’s clear, the opportunity is now more than ever for women to run on the path of entrepreneurship. There are many tools out there to make it happen. You just need to take the first step!