I believe transition teaches new things in life and my journey so far has seen some of it and I am awaiting many more to come says Founder of Frugal Labs, Sreowshi Sinha

Born & brought up as a single child in Kolkata, I was confident & independent since my childhood and my mom was always my best friend. Academically inclined, I was always good in studies. For my graduation I chose to major in Geography along with Economics.

As my subjects intended, I was also to go for higher studies and research, but somehow I landed up in one of top recruitment firms with my friend for a job. And hence the first transition came in to life.


Sreowshi Sinha
Moving ahead with the entrepreneurial spirit: Sreowshi Sinha

“I believe technology makes one empowered”

Six months into it, I got another chance from a reputed company and this was again a good opportunity for me and I had no option other than taking it up. And with this, came the second transition and I was transferred to Chennai.

Since my father was always into business, I had also dreamt of doing the same since my childhood. No offense, but I didn’t want to work under someone.

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After coming to Chennai, a few of my friends established start-ups in Robotics which was very fascinating to me. But maybe the Corporate life and a good salary on every 1st of the month was more fascinating and thus it took me one year to leave that and start off  Frugal Labs in 2012 with Anirban Chowdhury ( Co Founder & Director – Technology, Frugal Labs ) in Bangalore.

The main vision of Frugal Labs was to create resources for the industry through training and skill empowerment in latest field of technology. Presently we work on “INTERNET OF THINGS” and impart training on the complete technology, thus creating the resources Industry ready. And for this we work mainly with Academia, Corporate and the Govt. Since the inception of Frugal Labs, we have trained more than 5000+ students and 500 + professionals in IoT. I think our clientele speaks for itself on our website.

Sreowshi Sinha on shethepeople
The entrepreneurial dream that became a reality: Sreowshi Sinha

“An entrepreneur never handles a single profile in a start up”

IoT being the most promising technology in the next couple of years for the industry, we aim to build up an IoT Ecosystem in India. With our expertise in the technology, Frugal Labs has also come up with the complete opensource IoT Platform called FLIP (Frugal Labs IoT Platform). This is a complete hardware & software integrated platform on IoT, which makes the learning & business solutions much easier and simple. Frugal Labs works with IoT startups and Corporates for business solutions on IoT.

Recently we have started out online training mode and also plan to expand in other cities soon. I take care of marketing in Frugal Labs and many other profiles as well because of course an entrepreneur never handles a single profile in a start up. Co-founding a Tech company with absolutely zero knowledge was very challenging for me , but as I said transition is what I love and have been learning each day, and as we all know learning never ends. I wish to take access of technology to everyone in India.  Because I believe technology makes one empowered.

Apart from Frugal Labs, I am very much attracted towards traveling but I hardly get time. Mountains are my favorite. I am also very interested in Indian History and Artifacts, especially the lost handicrafts & the Tribal products of India. So keeping all these in my mind, I am planning for my next transition- a new venture where obviously technology will play a key role.

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Challenges and seeking new opportunities are parts of my life that I enjoy the most.

Sreowshi Sinha is co-founder of Frugal Labs, a Company which offers hands on training workshops and education about emerging technologies to clients. The workshops are designed with emphasis on applications and use cases.