What Is Success And How Does One Achieve it? Here Are Some Tips

Society tells us that being famous or being able to enjoy the luxuries of life is what success is. But is it simply that?

Kavya Shah
May 29, 2019 09:49 IST
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Everyone wants to be successful, to achieve their dreams, to become rich. Being successful is relative. For me, success can be being happy, for someone else it can be being rich. The point is that this term, despite being relative has been defined by society. Society tells us that being famous or being able to enjoy the luxuries of life is what success is. But is it simply that? We asked image consultant Nancy Katyal for her inputs on just what it takes for a person to be successful.


Be responsible and accountable

Katyal says that a successful person knows how to shoulder responsibilities, "A person who can shoulder responsibilities and is accountable. A person who is confident. They should have integrity and practice what they preach."

Surround yourself with people who will elevate you


It is said that the people you surround yourself with have a major impact on who you are as a person.

“I feel that a person is an average of 5 people that they spend time with. Successful people always ensure that they are surrounded by people who can lift them up, and not put them down," says Katyal.

Be committed


Everyone has goals. Everyone has dreams and desires. The difference is that few people choose to achieve their goals by working towards it, and few don’t. Talking about this, Katyal said, “Another aspect that I would consider a successful person to have, is commitment. They take steps everyday to ensure that the four areas of their lives, that is – emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual are taken care of. Most importantly they all are patient.”

Maintain inner peace

To create a balance in your life is a big part of your journey to be successful, and that is only possible when you find your inner peace.


Katyal says, “I try to maintain a balance in my work and personal life. When I say balance, I do not mean 50-50. I ensure that whatever I am doing brings me inner peace. I ask myself, if doing this 5 years from now will make a difference to my life?”

Never stop learning

Every child is always taught that learning should never stop. We are surrounded by inspirational people who go continue with their learning curve even after achieving their goals and people who introspect to become better people. "As long as you keep learning, you will keep growing,” explains Katyal.


Do not be afraid to fail

Failures make you who you are. Most people give up after failing once in achieving success. Or can’t bear the brunt of failure after tasting the fruits of success. Here is what Nancy Katyal said regarding failure.

“I am not ashamed of my failures. Your failures teach you the most. Failure has helped me become more grounded, humble and vulnerable. I am open enough to say that yes, I have failed. But I am bold enough to also say that I never shied away from trying.”


Talk less, Listen more!

“You learn more by listening than talking. Listening is much more critical than talking.”

Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes


What holds back most people from even making an attempt to achieve their goals is stereotypes. Social constraints often act as a roadblock in most people's life. Not being afraid to break these stereotypes is what has helped most people achieve their dreams.

“I have now stopped believing in stereotypes. I have learned that everyone can reach their full potential. That is when I thought if I can achieve my full potential, why not help others do the same,” opines Katyal.

So don’t limit yourself. Believe in yourself; that is how most people are able to climb the ladder to success.

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