The Power of Every Woman – Leadership ! If you love being who you are, this is for you!

Hi Everyone,

Long time back when I was in school, I participated in an essay writing competition. Co-incidentally, the topic was ‘Women leadership’; I was too young at that time to comprehend the underlying depth of this topic. I just wrote what my father prepared for me and bagged the first prize. I do not remember what was there in my essay, but now as I have had my share of experiences on a roller coaster ride I do understand what it takes to be a leader, and that too when you are a woman.

As a child I used to envy my female friends who were treated like princesses wrapped up in silk shawls. On the contrary, my life was more practical since the beginning. I used to participate in every task irrespective of the laborious work or the strength required. Honestly, I could not understand the benefit of this sort of upbringing at that time, but when I look back now I appreciate my parents’ efforts of raising me tough and strong. It is the duty of every parent to teach their daughters the imperative lessons of independence where it matters most i.e. in the head.

– To teach them how to earn their own living

– To teach them how handle their own financial expenses

– To make them realize they can run into trouble, and hence prepare them for tough situations.


The Power of Every Woman – Leadership !

As they say a “leader is a dealer in hope”, if you look leadership from that perspective every woman is a born leader. She runs the house no matter how much money you put on her hands, she takes care of the most trivial needs of loved ones, she sacrifices her career to be there for the family, she dreams sky high but never puts them above yours, she tends to your every small need irrespective of her illness or mood. She is an unrecognized leader, but she is not doing anything less than those who are recognized.

The global phenomenon of urbanization has brought tremendous changes to the society. Women have come out of their unrecognized leaderships, and confidently taking the stride toward diverse arenas, which earlier used to be a man’s domains. Pick any field business, finance, entertainment, politics, education, you would see women leaders in each one of them. Mary Callahan (CEO of JP Morgan one of the biggest asset management organization), Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsico), Hilary Clinton (Secretary of state, US), Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Former Miss World), are the few names of powerful women. Not to mention Mother Teresa had run the entire world with her leadership skills, bringing massive reprieve for the poor and sufferers. Her initiatives are still being continued by several funded and non-funded organizations across the world.

The Power of Every Woman – Leadership !

The power of a woman lies in her heart, in her head. She has the ability to realize soft issues and the intelligence to take significant decisions. Irrespective of the mounted pressure, she delivers every single task with sheer dedication and perseverance. Modern day’s independent woman in leadership is as much feminine as any other woman. She works 24*7 abiding to her family responsibilities and professional commitments.

On one side while she is exploring the new world and working hard to keep a balanced life, on the other side the stereotype thinking is obstructing her advancement. Even after our progression in 21st century, some people like woman to stay behind the curtains, to wear veils, to curb their dreams. To those, I want to say that they should look at the pace this world is changing. This is “the” time to persuade her to move a step ahead and take the reins of the globe in her nurturing hands. The pampering, overprotection, restriction and soft behavior are nothing but spider webs of false security. She has an innate potential to understand not only the growing needs of business but the boiling personal issues of sub-ordinates. She has the palpable heart of a mother yet the determination of a tigress. Let her make her own rules, and acquire the sphere.

Undoubtedly, women have emerged and are emerging as impeccable leaders. My shout out to those women who are still reluctant to step out and explore the unexplored ‘do not let someone else run your world for “YOU”, in fact run the world for them’.

Disclaimer: I know this topic is not about beauty or fashion, it is about an even more important subject #EveryWomanIsALeader . And, I am thankful to SheThePeople team for giving me this opportunity to put forth my vantage point on this topic, which is so close to my heart. If you believe in the true power of a woman you can also participate in this blogging competition by clicking on this link here, and who knows you may stand a chance to win an all-paid expense trip to an exciting destination!