First things first- I love being a woman. Past, present, future lives of me, I hope are all of the women kind. Apart from being generally ultra fabulous and super awesome, we can fully assess a person by just looking at their shoes. #truestory. So when I got a call from my ex-news-boss (ET NOW) and all time tech compadre to interview some fantastic women for SheThePeople.TV, happiness took over and off I came zooming into Mumbai!


My 3 muses were jewelry designer Sharmela Puri, actor Shruti Seth and celebrity blogger Malini Agrawal. The day started at 12: 30 pm and Ms Puri was first on our list. And through coffee, lots of diet coke and casual conversation ( made me feel totally dumb that I cant even draw a straight line !), it was designing meets the natural beauty of a woman, all nuances included. And to add to it, the elegant Mrs Puri is such a sweetheart! She likes to start her day late afternoon, burns the midnight oil and went into jewelry designing with an honest to god approach- to make every woman feel and look pretty. How can you compete with that!



One interview, 2 diet cokes ,a quick rickshaw ride and we are all dressed up and ready to meet the next muse- Shruti seth! Firstly, what a down to earth woman. Didn’t feel like an interview situation at all, we could talk for hours! What started as a conversation about how it feels to be an actor, quickly turned to casting couch in bollywood, women stereo types in the industry, trends, fashion, vanity…whew! The sun was beginning to set, but the words kept flowing! And to top it all, her ultra cute daughter-awwwww! It was time for us to quickly bounce and get to the 3rd and final shoot location, Khar and meet up with Miss Malini!



Traffic played nice this time around and celeb spotting ( atleast techniques to celeb spot) was on my mind as our rickshaw screeched to a halt. We were greeted by the very warm and eloquent Malini Agrawal of Touted as the most famous blogger in India, I honestly imagined her to be very bollywood types- air kissing, fake smiling, big hair and shiny baubles, that kind. But i was pleasantly surprised to talk to a very confident, pretty and happy woman who knows what she wants to do and will go all the way to get there! From bollywood gossip to tips and tricks of the blogging scene, the day ended on a high note! Kudos Miss Malini!



All in all, a day well spent. It feels great to be in the company of women who are so sure of themselves and have bright personalities. My companion for the day, Binjal Shah was a prime example of this very fact – so young and so confident. Big shout out to her ! And not to forget our awesome full of energy cameraman! So bookmark already and watch out for these interviews!