Teen Talk: Role Models And How They Influenced Them

Teenage girls may look up to celebrities who have had it rough, or to people in their own life. They look up to people with whom they can relate.

Kavya Shah
May 21, 2019 12:42 IST
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Right from when we are children, we have people we look up to people whom we admire and want to be like. These role models can be anyone, from a parent or a teacher to a celebrity. We try to copy, act like our role models because we want to become like them. People may do this intentionally or unintentionally.


Finding a role model helps you to get inspired so that you can chase your dream. As a person grows from childhood to adulthood, the person they look up to changes. As a child, it might have been a celebrity, as a teen maybe a caregiver and as an adult, maybe a financially secure person. The point I am trying to make is rather simple, role models change. But that does not change the fact that people should have role models.

Teenage girls may look up to celebrities who have had it rough, or to people in their own life. They look up to people with whom they can relate. A depressed girl will look up to Deepika Padukone, as she was able to fight depression. Others may look up to their family members or friends who are amazing people.



When I think of my role models, the first two names which come to my mind are that of my mother and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

My mom is my inspiration because she has managed to balance her life well and has shown that she is capable of doing everything, even though the odds were against her. My mom has been there for me every time I was down. She cancelled meeting and events to make sure that I was ok. I hope I can be that for someone. Hermione Granger, a character played by Emma Watson in Harry Potter is an inspiration as she has shown what friendship, love, loyalty, fearlessness and bravery truly is. This fictional character is one that I can never forget.

A role model can be anyone, your mother, your friends, a celebrity or even a fictional character.


Having a role model is very important as it helps you understand what you want to do when you grow up. They will inspire you and will make you strive for the best. Role models help us find a benchmark to compare ourselves with, they can help us dream and achieve even more than them. In fact, even the most successful and popular footballer Lionel Messi has confessed that the French legend, Zinedine Zidane was his role model when he was growing up.

Siddhi, a 15 year old girl from Ahmedabad's role model is Priyanka Chopra. She says, “Priyanka Chopra because she is strong, active and has been able to achieve a lot in her life.”

“My mother is my role model as she has shown what it means to be determined in chasing one’s dreams. She was selfless and has sacrificed a lot for my brother and me. After that she changed her profession and has chased her dreams to achieve them. She has shown that age does not matter. She is my role model,” says Reina, a 14 year old who is currently studying in the Riverside School in Ahmedabad.


Ria Shukla, a 15 year old from Ahmedabad also says her role model is her mother as she works hard and makes sure that Ria is happy.

Rishika Patel, from Mayo Girls, has no role model. She had said that her role models keep on changing and currently she has none. But she also says the she may surely have a role model sooner than later.

Having role models is important, especially in teenage years, as they provide inspiration to chase dreams. Make sure that you think about who your role model is and why. Having a role model not only gives you someone to look up to, but also helps you understand yourself better. They will help one discover themselves and find a path they want to follow in life and even in their careers.

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